10 Insights from My Twitter Spats with Antisemites

my twitter circle
my twitter circle

Twitter is my favorite platform to engage and feel the temperature of humanity in real-time. However, there is a massive elephant in the room: the spreading of false narratives to mask rampant antisemitism. Engaging with these individuals on Twitter is like wading through a swamp of ignorance and hate. Here are my ten “insights” that might help you navigate this murky territory, should you choose to take up the cause.

1. Welcome to the Echo Chamber:

   – It’s astonishing how these echo chambers function. Antisemites seem to operate on a loop, recycling the same tired conspiracies and myths. It’s almost as if originality is a foreign concept to them.

2. Conspiracy Theories Galore:

   – From controlling the world’s banks to orchestrating global pandemics, antisemites have a conspiracy theory for everything (where do we find the time?). Their creativity knows no bounds, except when it comes to using facts.

3. The Keyboard Warriors:

  • These brave souls fight their battles from behind screens, spewing hate with the ferocity of a warrior and the bravery of someone who never leaves their basement. Their courage is truly inspiring.

4. The Enlightened Ones:

   – Some antisemites genuinely believe they’re the enlightened ones, unveiling truths the rest of us are too blind to see. Their delusions of grandeur would be amusing if they weren’t so dangerous.

5. Historical Amnesia:

   – These individuals exhibit a fascinating form of selective memory loss, conveniently forgetting the atrocities of 7/10 and the Holocaust and downplaying centuries of persecution, only to accuse the Jews with exactly everything done to us. It’s a masterclass in cognitive dissonance.

6. Victim Complex:

   – Ironically, many antisemites portray themselves as the real victims. Persecuted by the so-called “Jewish agenda,” they see themselves as the brave truth-tellers, fighting against the odds. Comedy gold for #FAFO, if you like dark humor.

7. The Infamous Ratio:

   – Ever noticed how antisemitic tweets often get a flood of negative responses? The ratio of hate to backlash is a spectacle in itself. It’s almost heartwarming to see humanity push back, even if it’s just in the form of angry tweets, it’s oddly satisfying.

8. Tinfoil Hat Enthusiasts:

   – The lengths to which these individuals go to connect dots that don’t exist is impressive. With a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for pseudoscience, they spin tales that would make even the most seasoned fiction writers blush.

9. Armchair Historians:

   – Prepare to meet self-proclaimed historians who’ve apparently uncovered the real stories behind every historical event. Spoiler: it’s always the Jews’ fault. Their grasp of history is as firm as a wet noodle.

10. The Never-Ending Cycle:

    – Just when you think you’ve made a dent, a new wave of antisemites emerges. It’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole with hate speech. Exhausting, infuriating, but somehow, you can’t stop.

Throughout the ages, antisemitism has been used as an effective tool by countries, governments, and movements to divert attention from their own failings and shortcomings, conveniently pointing the blame at the Jews. For the past 2,000 years, Jews were often unable to defend themselves and invariably bore the brunt of such accusations. The sheer level of malevolence required to engage in genocide against the Jewish people on 7/10, and then accuse the Jewish state of committing genocide, represents the pinnacle of false flag tactics and is utterly unforgivable.

Those who give voice to these lies may become briefly infamous, but they will soon be forgotten. Meanwhile, the Jewish state of Israel will endure, thrive, and ultimately celebrate victory.



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