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10 Most Desirable Israeli Companies to Work for

Coming from an environment like the Italian one, where high-tech and job opportunities aren’t exactly on the agenda, the huge demand for workers in Israel felt overwhelming
The Wix team toasts its IPO on the Nasdaq trading floor earlier this year (Photo credit: Courtesy Wix)
The Wix team toasts its IPO on the Nasdaq trading floor earlier this year (Photo credit: Courtesy Wix)

When I first moved to Israel, almost three years ago, I remember being fascinated by the surprising amount of startups and tech companies constantly on the lookout for employees. For someone like me, coming from a very different work environment as the Italian one – where high tech and endless amounts of job opportunities aren’t exactly on the agenda – this felt overwhelming and exciting at the same time. With the time, I’ve learned that this is a reality one eventually gets used to and that, ultimately increases the chances of finding your dream job. Typically, when a company’s on the constant outlook for employees, it means it’s expanding and that naturally makes it a more desirable workplace. Nevertheless, when it comes to attractive companies hiring new employees, the competition becomes fierce. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and informed about your current opportunities out there, in order to move fast and finally get that much-wanted job opportunity.

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Here are 10 of the most desirable Israeli companies you should look out for right now.

A worldwide company with thousands of customers and millions of users around the world, SimilarWeb is market intelligence platform that provides customers with insights about every website and mobile app to enable visibility into digital behavior. One of the most significant advantages of working at SimilarWeb is that the company collaborates with some of the largest brands worldwide such as Google, L’Oreal, Airbnb, and eBay.
Employee’s at Similarweb are also provided with an exceptional office and company culture, as well as a flexible work environment, office activities and – not to be underestimated – many different kinds of cornflakes.
On their website, the company claims they’re expanding their global team rapidly and thus, they’re the perfect place for employees looking to grow.

Enigma is a blockchain-based protocol that uses privacy technologies to enable scalable, end-to-end decentralized applications. The slogan on their website – “Enigma can change the world”- doesn’t really need any additional remark and makes the company a really enticing place to work at. So, if you’re a protocol engineer, a full-stack developer, a solidity developer or a blockchain research scientist and, most importantly, if you’re ready to “change the world”, Enigma is the right place for you.

Founded in 2014 with the goal of bridging the gap between commerce and content, Roundforest uses advanced data and machine learning technologies to generate and optimize commerce-content at remarkable levels of scale and automation. Its portfolio of shopping assistance websites serves the world’s largest retailers and empowers consumers to make smarter purchase decisions. Roundforest workplace is as dynamic as its teams of innovators, who enjoy the freedom to approach and solve complex problems creatively. The ‘Life at Roundforest’ page on the site defines them as moon shooters, results-driven, self-sufficient, and supportive of each other – definitely some appealing qualities to look out for when joining a new workplace.

Wix provides a world-class website building platform to over 110 million users in 190 countries. Every user is granted an access to an easy-to-use, free platform for creating original and customized websites. Wix’s work environment is known for being unique, dynamic and creative; its offices are home to a diverse group of passionate and skilled professionals (and their dogs). At Wix, things are kept interesting and fun, and the team typically takes less conventional routes to complete demanding tasks. Employees are also constantly fueled by snacks and beer, which – they believe – stimulate creativity and trigger efficiency.

Product design company Inkod works closely with early-stage startups as well as hi-tech companies to build unique products in highly competitive environments. Inkod’s team of UX and UI designers – defined “lions” on their site – are dedicated to creating customized design solutions for many outstanding companies and many of today’s leading product managers were once part of Inkod team. If you’re passionate about product definition, creative concept, interface design and innovation, you’re probably ready to be Inkod’s missing lion!

Founded in 2005, Payoneer offers one of the largest online money transfer platforms in the world. The company enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries, to expand by facilitating global payments. Payoneer’s company culture cultivates creativity, celebrates differences and listens to each employee’s voice.

At Payoneer, they recognize that their team is their greatest asset and are dedicated to maintaining an innovative, employee-centric environment. The office spaces are cool and fun, and often enriched with entertaining events and parties. If you work for Payoneer, you’ll be encouraged to share your ideas and to grow within an internationally established company.

First launched in 2014, with an impressive growth rate since, monday.com helps over 32,000 teams around the world from companies like Adidas, McDonald’s, Uber, WeWork, and Wix, work better together. The company has developed a workplace management platform to help teams of all sizes manage their work and communicate more effectively. The platform is simple and flexible enough to meet the needs of two people working together, as well as vastly complex workplace operations of thousands, spanning different departments and time zones.

If you’re looking for an empowering work environment at a fast-growing company, fun work culture, and beautiful office space, you should check out all monday.com’s open positions at their Tel Aviv HQ or in their NYC office.

A platform that allows users to discover, preserve and share their family history, MyHeritage makes it easy for anyone to discover their past and treasure their family stories. The company has over 85 million users and is considered to be one of the biggest sites in the social networking and genealogy field. Among the many reasons why one would want to join MyHeritage, there’s their attitude of doing good in the world – such as their employee-led global pro bono initiatives.

An end-to-end solution for scheduling with prospects, customers, and candidates along the customer and talent acquisition lifecycle, ScheduleOnce promotes a culture of creative, analytical minds. For the ones who love a dynamic and flexible work environment, one of the perks of working for ScheduleOnce is that all employees work from their own homes – no more commuting to work! Working at fast-growing ScheduleOnce will allow you to add new business and skills to your repertoire while advancing at the same pace as the company.

The company provides ad automation solutions to help app marketers grow more quickly and easily while increasing their profitability. Bidalgo SaaS-based platform offers the mobile industry’s only end-to-end suite of automated media buying services. Here are some curious numbers about Bidalgo team: 55% of recruited employees are women, their pet-friendly office is home to 16 different pets, 15% of the employees play a musical instrument while 10% of them bike to work every day. Finally, if you listen carefully while walking down Bidalgo office’s corridors, you’ll hear 9 different spoken languages, definitely a multicultural office! If you want to be part of an expert team of performance marketers, creative designers, media buyers and account managers if you can move fast and inspire others if you love building outstanding partnerships… Bidalgo is looking for someone exactly like you!

To conclude, finding a job in Tel Aviv doesn’t seem to be hard – however, finding the right one for you, is always a challenge. There are so many different facets of a company that need to be considered before making a final decision. While I’ve here listed some of the most desirable companies to work for in Israel, the tireless Startup Nation and the many companies it embraces are always on the look for new talents and, although it sounds corny, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the one.

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