10 Notes For Yair Lapid, If He Wants to be Israel’s Next Prime Minister

MK Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party.

If Yair Lapid wants to be Israel’s Next Prime Minister, he must:

  1. Draft stars for at least two of the three big portfolios (Defense, Foreign, Finance). For example Moshe Ya’alon for Defense, Tzipi Livni for Foreign, or Moshe Kahlon for Finance.
  2. Democratize Yesh Atid: allow primaries for certain slots on the party’s list to legitimize your party.
  3. Attend Knesset sessions. It’s your job and you recently were fined for not doing it. Also, not attending the Knesset allows Netanyahu and Co. to depict you as an overeager opportunist.
  4. Craft a shadow cabinet in the Opposition along the lines of that present in the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. This will establish yourself as the de facto Opposition Leader.
  5. Start holding political rallies for change, independent of the left.
  6. Continue to recruit local leaders from across the country to run on your list.
  7. Tour the periphery with local officials and community leaders.
  8. Court and organize strategic endorsements from former security officials. Seek an endorsement from the Commanders for Israel’s Security organization.
  9. Pursue the formation of a joint list with Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu and try to recruit another big name Mizrahi candidate (eg. Former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi).
  10. Seek to absorb and lead any center right anti-Bibi movement.
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Joshua is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University who majored in World Politics with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Joshua has been active in Israel advocacy for years, including seminars with AIPAC, the Israeli Consulate to the Midwest, and J Street U.
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