10 reasons why Palestine is not Ukraine

The world watches as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, and the voices hijacking the tragedy increasingly preach nonsense to their devoted audiences

Democracies don’t just attack other democracies. Russia is not a democracy, Ukraine is. Gaza is not a democracy, Israel is.

Here are 10 reasons why the Israel-Palestine conflict is different from the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

  1. While Ukrainian resistance are throwing Molotov cocktails at Russian tanks, Palestinians throw Molotov cocktails at civilian vehicles and into private homes. Not the same thing.
  2. Ukraine is not launching rockets at the civilian population within Russia’s sovereign territory. Hamas, the known terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, had launched 4,365 rockets JUST LAST MAY against civilian targets.
  3. Ukraine recognizes Russia’s sovereignty. Hamas does not recognize Israel and has declared time and again that it aims to destroy it, and kill all of the Jews within Israel. See the difference?
  4. Ukraine is a sovereign state with internationally declared borders that has been there peacefully alongside its neighbors for decades. The Palestinian leadership refuses to come to the negotiating table with Israel and so there is no active peace process to help define borders. 
  5. Russia infiltrated Ukraine unprovoked. Israel, on its own initiative, withdrew all Israeli presence, both military and civilian, from the Gaza Strip following the Oslo Accords in 2005. Despite our token of good faith, terror attacks from Gaza to Israel continue.
  6. While fighting the Russians, Ukrainians have no intention of harming Russian citizens and are actively trying to reach out to them to stop the war. For decades, Palestinian terrorists have been attacking civilians in Israel and Jews around the world (suicide bombings, hijackings, kidnappings, rocket fire at civilian centers, shootings, stabbings, etc.).
  7. Russians are living in Ukraine. No Israelis are living in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is even currently holding several Israeli civilians captive and provides NO information regarding their well-being.
  8. Israel does the maximum to warn civilians ahead of a bombing of a terrorist rocket cell that deliberately is placed within neighborhoods. This protocol is a procedure invented and uniquely used by Israel to prevent the killing of Palestinian civilians before a military attack. The Russians are not following any such protocols before attacking civilian areas in Ukraine…
  9. Israel and Ukraine are democracies. Russia is not. No elections have been held in Gaza or the West Bank since 2006.
  10. Russia unilaterally initiated the military move against Ukraine and is using “false flag” tactics. In the last two rounds of fighting in Gaza, for example, Israel was responding to escalations by Hamas (The indiscriminate firing of rockets at Jerusalem, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers).

Please use these points in your debates, online content, discussions and teachings. It is so important that we all do our part in educating the masses. Democracies don’t just attack other democracies. Russia is not a democracy, Ukraine is. Gaza is not a democracy, Israel is.

Misinformation might be the most dangerous threat to us as it is.

About the Author
Hallel Silverman is an American born, Israeli raised digital activist located in Tel Aviv. With nearly a decade in Israel Advocacy, Hallel has created and executed content for dozens of major organizations, and has been a leading voice online for progressive Zionism. She is an associate at the Tel Aviv Institute, and one of the Top 50 Digital Israel Influencers of 2021.
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