10 Tips for savings whilst holidaying

Having fun over the summer holiday period, either at or away from home can easily impact our efforts to save money. With that said, vacations offer significant benefits including increased happiness, relaxation, health, and productivity. Here are some great ideas that will allow you to capitalize on pleasure and relaxation whilst holidaying and saving:

  1. Home Exchange: Many families realize that a third child can easily increase the cost of accommodation, and may require two separate rooms or a family suite. Are you familiar with the home exchange option, allowing you to offer your home in exchange with alternative homes in Israel or overseas? This option has become super popular amongst Israeli families and can save thousands off your holiday budget. Checkout the many Facebook groups or dedicated websites offering home exchange.
  2. Travel by train. The website for Israel’s National Rail offers many activities for children as well as a list of stations that offer free libraries. Use your Rav-Kav (transport card) for easy travel, and search for activities nearby the train stations.
  3. Take the Israel national trail hikes – Kids love the sense of adventure and hiking with kids is a great way to get them connected to nature. You can choose one or more sections of the national trail. Hiking can be enjoyable alone, with friends, family and in groups. Search for downloadable maps and see online for further information.
  4. Go Camping –Camping is cheaper than any hotel option and there are tons of camping sites all over Israel. It offers a unique experience for the entire family to connect with the countryside.
  5. Eating Out – When eating at restaurants with kids, minimize the number of dishes you order. Kids don’t always eat the full dish, even when ordering child meals. Add fun to eating at home by letting the kids make some of the dishes.
  6. Go away with friends or family – Kids are generally happier playing with other kids and this option offers many additional advantages such as reducing costs on activities and sharing meal costs.
  7. Coupons – Use coupons and look online for discounted tickets to venues. Credit cards or workplaces may also offer discounted rates.
  8. Soft Drinks and Snacks – Stay clear from purchasing overpriced soft drinks and snacks at convenience stores. Plan ahead and buy what your kids like at the larger supermarkets before setting off on your ventures.
  9. Be tourists in your hometown– Save on accommodation by staying at home. Put together a special meal, splash out on take away’s, venture to nearby attractions, plan a movie night and fun things for the entire family.
  10. Returned home from annual vacation? Start saving for your next one
  11. For more ideas, consumer tips, and money management tools visit Pa’amonim’s website.
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Sharon Levin has an M.A. in Public Policy and is a certified Group Facilitator. She has worked for Paamonim since 2009, lead roles include Regional Director responsible for Paamonim's volunteers who provide free one-on-one financial counseling. As Director of Group Activities, she headed the establishment of Paamonim College for Financial Education, offering courses, programs, and lectures teaching financial fundamentals to participants, all geared towards helping people acquire financial education for better living.
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