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10 Top Israeli Apps for Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Beyond the hype, disruptive technologies and innovative devices have contributed greatly to Israel's rapidly growing economy; so much so, that it’s easy to forget that Israel is also responsible for mind-blowing innovations in healthcare
DarioHealth Corp. has developed a smart device to monitor glucose levels in the blood. (YouTube screenshot)
DarioHealth Corp. has developed a smart device to monitor glucose levels in the blood. (YouTube screenshot)

We’ve heard so much of Israel as the ‘Startup Nation.’ Beyond the hype, disruptive technologies and innovative devices have certainly contributed greatly to the country’s rapidly growing economy. So much so, that it’s easy to forget that Israel is also responsible for some mind-blowing innovations in healthcare. Here are ten revolutionary Israeli apps you need to check out when it comes to healthcare solutions.

MYB app – or ‘Move Your Butt’ – is a social health game which helps users at risk of developing type 2 diabetes follow a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate goal of the challenge, which lasts twenty-one days, is to encourage walking and track steps taken. The app, created and developed by Sugarman, is intended to be a group challenge that motivates users to take at least 10k steps per day. The MYB app sends daily notifications, too, both as reminders of your everyday workout and to inform users if one member of the group has failed the challenge.

Image Source: MYB


Dario Health
Dario is an app that provides users with a complete solution for personal diabetes management. The app comes with a pocket-sized blood-glucose monitoring kit which includes a smart glucose meter and a strip cartridge. Once connected to your smartphone, the glucose meter automatically tracks your blood sugars with a tiny meter that plugs into your phone’s audio jack. The app can track blood glucose levels in real-time and provides useful insights for optimal self-management of diabetes.

An app that comes with a wearable device UpRight helps correct bad posture. The distinct wearable device attaches to your lower back while the app tracks your daily goals. Through a customized training program, UpRight trains you to stand and sit upright by reminding you to correct your posture with a gentle vibration every time you slouch. Last year, the startup won First Place at the 5th Annual MEDICA App Competition for Best Medical Mobile Solution, held in in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can still contribute to the Kickstarter campaign for their latest model, Upright Go.

Image Source: UpRight


Founded in 2012 by Dedi Gilad and Ofer Tzadik, TytoCare is an innovative telemedicine solution that enables medical checkups to be carried out from the comfort of your home. The TytoCare system includes a very small digital device that captures and records high-quality heart, lungs, ears, throat, skin and temperature readings. An app stores all the exam data. The kit also includes a stethoscope, an otoscope, and a computer-vision camera that helps users self-diagnose problems. The device can also connect remotely with a doctor in case you need to consult with a specialist.

Tawkon is a health tracker app that analyzes your phone’s radiation levels and sends alerts if they’re higher than normal. When that happens, Tawkon offers the user different ways to reduce exposure. The app also monitors phone usage over time and sends notifications on how much radiation the user has been exposed to during the day.

Totally Pregnant
Totally Pregnant is an app that is tailored for each future mom’s location, stage of pregnancy and needs. The app allows moms to track the fetus’s development and health, take part in prenatal classes, and share their experiences while being supported by other moms in the community. The app even provides pregnant women with an emergency contact form, a birth plan, and a due date calculator. Totally Pregnant app has an international version and is available in the US and many other countries.

Image Source: Totally Pregnant


PharmPool has developed MedsKeeper, a mobile app that helps patients receive the safest drug therapy, and better understand the efficiency of the drugs they’re taking. After learning the patient’s clinical background, the app is able to understand if a specific drug therapy suits the user’s medical needs. MedsKeeper also sends patients reminders to take their prescriptions, along with instructions and personal drug management options.

The “RAY-app” was designed to enable visually impaired people to gain access to many features on a regular smartphone using just touch and sound. Ray changes the way people use, see and feel their Android device. The app replaces traditional click interaction with directional swipes on the screen. It offers “over the WEB” assistance thanks to functions like remote visual assistance,  remote navigation, content setting, and device discovery.

The Medisafe app is a little different in that it’s designed for both patients and doctors. Medisafe helps people keep track of their medications, and lets specialists monitor their patient’s health data. For those affected by chronic diseases who must not miss a dose, Medisafe first reminds users to take their medicine by sending notifications, and then inform a designated family member if those messages go unnoticed. Doctors, on the other hand, can simply invite their patients to connect through the app to ensure a more reliable and effective method for keeping track of their health condition.

SmokeBeat is a social responsibility digital health app that helps users decrease the damage caused by cigarette smoking. The app’s goal is to improve users’ smoking habits while guiding them toward quitting completely. First, users set their own smoking targets while SmokeBeat analyses behaviour-related data using a wearable device. Users can then compare their data to others, as well as get incentives for reducing smoking. The app sends weekly reports, too, to let the user know how much smoke has been inhaled and how much money has been spent (or saved.)


Image Source: SmokeBeat


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