10 words that will cost Romney the election

The 'policy of a Romney administration will be to oppose abortions,' Paul Ryan said in the recent debate

Sheldon Adelson’s been knocking on the wrong door. It seems he paid a visit to former New York City mayor Ed Koch in Greenwich Village, and not to talk about the good old days when downtown Manhattan was graced by two tall towers instead of two giant pits in the ground.

Despite his age, Koch wields some influence in Democratic circles, and Adelson wanted to talk about Florida, electorally speaking…

Florida is as important a swing state as any — perhaps the most important — and a bastion of retirees, many of them Jewish, whose political opinions sway to the left.

I don’t doubt that any conversation with the charismatic Koch would be useful and probably fun. But it seems like Adelson et al would be better off chatting up the man who more than anyone else is going to help Mitt Romney lose in November: his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan.

That young dumbbell is the new Sarah Palin, and unfortunately it won’t take a majority of people to realize it: in a tight race, every vote counts, and most thinking women are going to rightly take great offense at Ryan’s stance on women’s rights.

The “policy of a Romney administration will be to oppose abortions,” the congressman said in the recent debate.

Acropolis Museum, Athens
She won’t be the one crying on Nov. 7  (AG/Athens)

Well, Cotton Mather, with those 10 words you just lost the big one. Why not float a plan to start rounding up the Jews and homosexuals while you’re at it — I mean, isn’t that the direction to which the trusty Roman Catholic faith also tilts so many of the faithful?

As for Jesus Christ: Did he pen a treatise about abortion issues? Funny, I recently visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre but didn’t see any stupid ersatz faux-patriotic made-in-China “pro-life” bumper stickers in there.

I’m guessing Ryan just might look at things differently if he were a woman. But no, he’s just another high-and-mighty yutz who would gleefully strip a woman of the right to do what she chooses with her body and her life. He justifies his crackpot views by evoking Catholicism and, just as shamelessly, his wife. In the context of a national debate, sorry, but Janna is off-topic to the max.

Cynical thinking led to the Palin debacle, and now antediluvian prejudices will likely dash Romney’s chances at the polls — if only by a fraction of a percentage point.

The reason that more and more Americans, Democrat and Republican alike, are gravitating to Romney is because — while on many levels the very picture of imperfection — he’s refreshingly less preachy and priggish than so many liberals out there.

But then along comes Paul Ryan, living proof of the adage that youth is wasted on the young, because he’s young and really quite spectacularly foolish to publicly espouse such medieval views.

America, like any spoiled child, is obsessed with labels: the very terms “pro-life” and “Obamacare” reek of inanity and mental sloth. The good thing about labels, however, is that they’re easily scrapped.

Which is to say that it’s not too late for Paul Ryan to change his mind, publicly, and meet up with those wild, crazy and maybe even — wowza! — faithless folks who actually live in the 21st century.

And Sheldon Adelson, instead of pumping shekels into his journo-goblins’ pockets at Israel Hayom, could write a big fat check to Planned Parenthood, and buy some TV time to signal that the Republican Party won’t be bought by silly, moralizing dummies, and is bold enough to fine-tune its timeworn song before Election Day.

Or, Team Romney can cancel the caterers and kiss that victory party goodbye.