Kissinger’s Kissinger:  Dr. Fritz Kraemer

Dr. Fritz Kraemer was the most influential German in the Pentagon from 1952 to 1978. Geostrategic Advisor to the U.S. Army Chief of Staff in the U.S. Department of Defense. The true “Dr. Strangelove” – complete with monocle and walking stick, a last Prussian on the Potomac River in Washington DC.

A German emigrant to the U.S., born in Essen in 1908, with a Christian denomination but Jewish roots. Kraemer, an intellectual with two PhD’s, scraped a living as farm worker for five years. In 1944 he was conscripted and thus became a U.S. citizen.

Kraemer discovered and mentored two U.S. Secretaries of State: Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig. In 1944, he met the 19-year old soldier Henry Kissinger who had also emigrated from Germany. He formed – as “Kissinger’s Kissinger” – his thinking and world outlook and fought with him in the 84th U.S. Infantry Division for the liberation of Europe. Kissinger himself writes about it in the new book “True Keeper of the Holy Flame” by Hubertus Hoffmann.


Fritz Kraemer and Henry Kissinger 1945

Kraemer placed young Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Haig with newly appointed National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger in the White House.  The later U.S. Secretary of State describes how this was possible in his contribution to the book.

Fritz Kraemer saw himself as a missionary of freedom and a mentor for unknown young talents who should take over responsibility for their country as a new elite.

He was co-founder of the American school of thought “Peace through Strength” (“No provocative weakness, please!” became an often cited dictum) to improve the world and promote the consideration of human psychology in international relations – with ’inner musicality’ for a foreign policy with a soul.

A critic of moral relativism and of a fearful and weak bourgeoisie, who according to him do not understand the imminence of the threat from totalitarian radicals and most times shy away from it.

As a young boy Kraemer experienced the German Empire, as student the Weimar Republic and the rise of Adolf Hitler. From 1944 he fought for the liberation of his homeland from totalitarianism with the United States Army.

In the Pentagon he became the grey eminence during the Cold War, an authority on Germany and an educator of high-ranking officers and politicians.

He always remained a true Prussian inside his heart and stood by his strong principals of a freedom fighter.

He passed away in 2003 and was buried with full military honors at the Arlington National Cemetery. His former pupil Henry Kissinger delivered the eulogy, with whom he had not spoken since the mid 1970’s. Hubertus Hoffmann, in his new book, explains for the first time why Kraemer and Kissinger split. 

Celebrities on Dr. Fritz Kraemer

His master pupil and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: “Fritz Kraemer was the greatest single influence of my formative years. An extraordinary man who will be part of my life as long as I draw breath. “

His protégé, former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig: “For me, Dr. Kraemer’s lifetime of service confirms the importance of the Nation’s elites in pursuing and advancing the value of a free society. I can think of no individual whose patient tutelage made a more meaningful contribution to the shaping of my own worldview.“

U.S. President Richard Nixon whom he briefed with Kissinger in the Oval Office on October 24, 1972 (see book cover) praises: “I like him and read his stuff – I appreciate to have an intelligent appraisal by someone who really understands great forces at work in the world. It’s been very helpful.”

The futurologist Herman Kahn of the Hudson Institute writes: “If there is anyone who has stood for the good and the true, it is Fritz Kraemer. He knows what he stands for and says what he stands for.”

Henning-Hubertus Baron von Steuben puts Fritz Kraemer alongside one of his ancestors Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, the first Inspector General of the U.S. Army under George Washington: “Steuben and Kraemer have, at the intervals of two centuries, put their mark on the United States Army as officers through their deeply rooted Prussian values such as integrity, honour, discipline and duty for their homeland and coined the United States Army with their spirit.”

Fritz Kraemer: His Quintessences

We need a fresh responsible elite in our democracies. They must assume key functions in our society. It is not about privilege or wealth, but about special responsibility. We should seek out men and women of excellence, support them permanently as mentors, instruct and encourage them. Too few personalities dedicate themselves to this task. They rather rally celebrities than care for unknown young talents.

We are too often prone to mediocrity in our egalitarian democracies, because hardly anyone loves the one who supersedes others. There is a danger that our foreign and security policy will become mediocre and dull. Thus, we must constantly enrich our politics with fresh talents with good ideas and ideals. Many politicians ‘start as a grape and end as a raisin ’. During their long careers they have left part of their soul on every rung of the ladder of success, compromising and sailing with the wind. Great tasks await us in this world, but small interests govern. We must actively change reality and the world for the better instead of passively adapting to a bad reality.

Our bourgeois society is idle and coward at heart. It does not recognize the imminence of the few determined radicals, or only do when it is too late.

The youth should not get lost in materialism but stay true to themselves. A fulfilled life requires idealism, not materialism. We need true individualism, striving against the stream, courage and self-discipline.

Be a person in your own right and do not mindlessly follow the masses as an opportunist.

Develop into a person with good character, iron will, courage and much energy.

Character counts, not position and title.

Think about everything over and over again.

Become an independent, strong personality like a tower of strength.

Do not only work for your career, but for a good cause. Stand up for your convictions.

Speak what you think and feel.
Believe in absolute values and a Holy Flame.

Follow a code of honour.

Say what you think and not what is expected of you.

Be a little adventurous and courageous.

Always think about the souls of other people and be friendly.

Change the reality instead of passively adapting to it. Fight for the good and against the harassment of human dignity and liberty. Take over responsibilities and do not ask what you get back from it.

World 3.0: Fresh Elements for a more efficient Foreign and Security Policy  in a Globalized World.

In the extensive concluding chapter of the new book “True Keeper of the Holy Flame. The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Dr. Fritz Kraemer”, Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, due to Kraemer’s teaching and his own long-time experience as advisor in the German and European Parliament and as President of the independent World Security Network Foundation, calls for a more efficient and fresh foreign and security policy labelled World 3.0.

It is based on the classic foreign policy World 1.0, defined by power politics as described by German-born geo-strategists Henry Kissinger or Hans J. Morgenthau. Western democracies practice now mainly a purely pragmatic and populist foreign policy World 2.0 ‘running merely on sight’ with a focus on short-term crisis management. This current practice of foreign and security policy cannot adequately address the many new problems of a globalized world. Therefore we need an innovative policy World 3.0, argues Hoffmann in his book.

First, the ineffective and paralyzing bureaucratic process in the foreign, defense and development departments must be restructured. Bureaucracy is our main enemy, not the few radicals or al-Qaida. The reactions of the foreign ministries always take too long, are tentative and are mostly ineffective as well. It misses the necessary in-depth planning, an assessment of its virtue and regular check-ups, like how it is done in large companies in order to succeed. It is dominated by endless diagnoses without effective therapies. International conferences with nice television pictures but mostly unsubstantial communiqués often only reinforce this lethargy. The current foreign policy is predominantly passive, dominated by talking and not doing. We adapt to negative reality in little slices instead of actively shaping it in a pre-emptive positive way and running behind the latest developments. Thus, we lose influence and do not support the forces of freedom with deeds, but just empty words, as in the “Arabellion”.

Moreover, there is a dire need for brilliant and talented politicians of which there are fewer and fewer, unfortunately. Most political positions are not filled with the most experienced or suitable candidates, rather the selection is based on inner party politics.

Passion and a Holy Flame are necessary in foreign affairs as well, similar to how Apple founder Steve Jobs described the basis for his success. The West understands how to market iPhones, Porsches or Gucci products, but not its own values and foreign policy. Hoffmann cites Albert Einstein who rightly claimed: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and “We cannot solve the problems on the same level of thinking on which we created them”. Foreign policy needs much more creativity, passion and a Holy Flame of freedom and values. Only then can democracies apply their strength and successfully promote their values of human rights in a globalized world.

We must elaborate at an early stage a variety of creative options and best practices, including timing and costs involved, for each area of conflict in detailed strategy papers with all departments and think-tanks involved, thus creating the fundamentals of good decision making.

Always based on tailored double strategies (of power and reconciliation, hawk and dove, military and diplomacy), the foreign and defense ministries must provide a detailed plan for both pillars and realize a more effective foreign policy through open discussion.

For this double strategy a credible defense capability is indispensable, because diplomacy can only be successful if it is adequately supported by means of power (Fritz Kraemer).

The critical measures for an innovative and effective foreign policy are the rapid installation and encouragement of  a young responsible elite who believes in the values put forward in the UN Charter. This is especially important in areas of change like the Arabic world, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Mali. At the heart of a foreign policy World 3.0 Hoffmann demands a new “Global Leadership and Mentoring Program” supporting an additional 100,000 talented young people, especially from crisis regions. The current programs are good, but they are not enough. In the spirit of Fritz Kraemer those talents should be mentored by tens of thousands of retired experts and accompanied by them for many years. They can convey values and know-how. Both are missing for a successful development in these transition states. The investment in a new responsibility elite and mentors in politics, economics, education and culture is the fundament of a new state of global partnership in foreign affairs in a globalized world.

We should also more readily involve non-government organizations with their global networks and young talents who have good, fresh and creative ideas in the discussions and strategy-shaping process.

Political institutions and foundations should complement their predominantly passive descriptions with many creative and action-orientated propositions.

The United States should transfer its lead role in particular foreign policy issues to its allies and distribute the burdens more evenly. Until now everybody is waiting for directives and propositions from Father Sam in Washington, which does not reflect the realities of a multi-polar world with grown-up allied kids.

Hoffmann eyes the focus on money in societies and politics critically. “We have to get away from eccentric materialism to a more credible foreign policy of values anchored in the UN Charter. The UN Charter is the global constitution. We need a lively soul, not just check books.” This includes support for Codes of Tolerance like Archbishop Alfons Nossol from Oppeln/Opole in Poland managed so successfully realizing a reconciliation of the German and Polish former arch-enemies.

The silent majorities comprising more than 90 percent in all countries in the world needs to assume responsibility opposed to yielding the floor to radicals.  An active global strategy against intolerance is necessary, and support for the Golden Rules of Tolerance, which can be found in all cultures and religions, and as well in Islam. (see for details).

Hubertus Hoffmann demands that only those insurgents and states receive support from the West, which beforehand have included the global rules of tolerance and respect with the wording of the UN Charter in their resolutions and constitution drafts. This applies to Syria and is missing in the Western policy until now.

He sharply criticizes the exuberant capitalism and government debt policies. “Without economic power the sword of freedom is dull. The XXL-Greedies and XXL-Public Debtors are sawing away at the branch on which we all are sitting in the West. They simultaneously gamble away the credibility of democracies in competition to autocratic regimes and the capacity to fund defense capabilities needed.”

A permanent paralysis of democracies can only be avoided if the excessive XXL -Capitalism is tamed through meaningful rules and the United States as well as Europe reduce their debt levels to an acceptable level of 60 percent of GDP.

A better foreign policy World 3.0 is not only a task of politicians, but of all citizens in global puzzle with over seven billion individuals. Everyone in the silent majority must contribute his small share to “Networking a Safer” world together.

About the book
                  Hubertus Hoffmann: True Keeper of the Holy Flame.
The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Dr. Fritz Kraemer

Former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig, who both were discovered and supported by Fritz Kraemer, former Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S. Ambassadors Edward L. Rowny and Vernon A. Walters, German politician Friedrich Merz, NATO-General ret. Klaus Naumann, Henning-Hubertus Baron von Steuben and Hubertus Hoffmann tell the story of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Fritz Kraemer on 384 pages.

German Geo-Strategist and Investor Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann is the author of the book “True Keeper of the Holy Flame.” He was a protégé of Dr. Fritz Kraemer from 1978 to 2003 and collected his most important statements and recommendations. Together they founded the World Security Network Foundation in 2001 for young people in foreign affairs (see and; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)

Pulitzer Prize Winner Norman Mailer praises: “A fantastic book. Hubertus Hoffmann knows how to describe the genius of a man, who has influenced the thinking and planning of the Pentagon for several decades, probably more than anyone before him.”

The former Chief of Staff of the German Bundeswehr and highest-ranking NATO General Klaus Naumann observes: ” Fritz Kraemer is more up-to-date than ever. This book is a monument for a man for whom values – a moral ethical system of coordinates and convictions – comprised the hallmark of his life, values that Fritz Kraemer would not surrender under any circumstances. People of this caliber are the exception in all ages, but today among our superficial, value-free, “me” generation they ought to be a protected species. I think it is high time to remember Fritz Kraemer and to take this book to heart.”

The book, published by the Inspiration Un Limited publishing house in London and Berlin, comprises of 384 pages and many large pictures and illustrations. It can be ordered for USD 29.90 directly via mail (, or via and via book stores (ISBN 978-9812110-5-4). The book can also be acquired as an e-book for iPad or PC for USD 24.90 (

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Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann is the founder and president of the Independent World Security Network and the Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect Project