Dancing with Wolves

In a 1990 western starring Kevin Costner, Lieutenant John Dunbar is dubbed “Dances with Wolves” by a band of Sioux Indians who witness him, well, dancing with wolves. As the film progresses, Dunbar is welcomed as an honorary member of the Sioux tribe. But that’s Hollywood. Here in the Middle East, if you are foolish enough to dance with a wolf, you get exactly what you deserve, and it isn’t an honorary membership in an Arab tribe.

Yet, that is precisely what Israel has been doing since the signing of the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn in September of 1993. In that agreement, the government of Israel committed itself to dance with wolves.

Unlike Native American phrases that serve to symbolize an inherent truth or the essence of one’s nature, the Oslo agreement spawned some misleading terms, such as “land for peace” and “peace process,” followed by such expressions as “confidence building measures” (on the part of Israel) and “road map.” What no one explained at the time, however, was that these terms were euphemisms rather than phrases that actually conveyed any truth. Vague expressions were used to disguise the genuine intent, which was, and still is, to dismantle the State of Israel piece by piece.

After the initial euphoria and the glamour and glitz that the Oslo accords promised died down, we are, 18 years later, still watching as Israel’s prime minister dances with wolves. Only now, there are more partners: the Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt has joined the tussle, or should I say hustle? And we have a backup band, or rather, accompanists in Iran, poised to Cha-Cha right in with a big bang.

So why are we still dancing? How is it that Prime Minister Netanyahu can continue to play the negotiating game with the “Palestinian” Arabs who adamantly refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State, who make no secret about their intent to destroy Israel, who indoctrinate their young from the time they are toddlers in their schools, and in camps that are actually battle training grounds, as well as through every venue of the media, to become homicidal bombers targeting Jews?

Why do we continue to dance with wolves? Is it possible that a veteran leader such as Netanyahu believes that one can reason with words against irrational and unadulterated hatred?

It is likewise difficult to ascertain the benefit in Netanyahu congratulating the Muslim Brotherhood on their overwhelming success in Egypt’s parliamentary elections. Did Israel hope to score some diplomatic points with an organization that refuses to have any dialogue with her? Clearly, that and adding the Brotherhood to his dance card along with eight shekels will get Netanyahu a ride on the city bus.

There must come a time when it is recognized that diplomatic speak is futile, and that time is now. Stop the music, the dance is over.

But Netanyahu is not dancing alone.

At a time when the world pays homage to the victims of the Holocaust as a tribute to “International Holocaust day” there is a perverse disconnect from the Iranian nuclear weapons program, which is aimed at Israel with an eye on the West as well. Likewise, no lessons have been learned from the dastardly attempt of Britain’s prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, to appease Hitler. In fact, President Obama, not wanting to go dateless to the prom, is racing to pour billions into the coffers of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt who have called to “revisit” the peace treaty with Israel, or better yet, put it to a referendum among a radicalized population, of which 80% voted in an extreme Islamic government.

A bevy of dance partners is presently courting the Moslem Brotherhood, who zealously follow the credo “God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.” We can no doubt expect a placating posture toward the MB by the European powers. The Muslim Brotherhood, funded by Saudi Arabia has gained acceptance into mainstream society throughout Europe. MB linked organizations have gained prominent positions in France, Sweden, Italy and Germany, to name a few, their infiltration felt in both, government and in the U.N.

France, for example, eager to fall into good graces with the new Islamic Egyptian leadership after raising the Arab world’s ire with its legislation banning the hijab or full face veil, are trampling over its own feet to rush to the dance floor. Germany, in particular, fearing most the accusation of racism, are likewise putting on their dancing shoes.

Nevertheless, at a time of high-tech global communication, no government on this planet can feign ignorance to the true intentions of radical Islamic regimes, which is to wipe Israel off the map, and from there, to target the west in accordance to their call to Jihad and spread Sharia law over all they conquer.

Ba’d as-sabt biji yom al-ahad is an Arabic phrase meaning, after Saturday is Sunday. Another euphemism that means, after they finish killing the Jews, who celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, they will next deal with the Christians who celebrate Sabbath on Sunday.

America and Europe − don’t despair. You won’t be a wallflower for long. They’re saving the next dance for you.

About the Author
Author of THE GILBOA IRIS (Gefen Publishing House) and SETTLING FOR MORE: FROM JERSEY TO JUDEA (Urim Publications).