Why in the world would we need a Jew?

Questions abound, but none more perplexing than the allegedly racist but factual, why are Jews so successful? Specifically evident; Jewish representation among Nobel prize winners where the ratio is approximately 20 : 0.02 or 20% Jewish Nobel winners from 0.02% of the world population. More illustrative is Israel’s exemplary national performance. Since its formation 65 years ago, the startup nation has become the second largest contributor to technology venture capital markets of the world and certainly the largest per capita contributor by far. Despite hatred toward Jews and Israel, including ongoing protests about its very existence, there must be some purpose in this Jewish success.

The ebb and flow of millennial Jewish assimilation, forced or otherwise, causes Jews to integrate into the world. Broken Jewish lineage ensures Jews who marry Jews perpetuate the communal core. The Jewish continuum embraces occasional converts, integrating them to this natural genetic grinder, especially when governed by the strict excision of Jewish orthodoxy. If it weren’t that this has been a recurring regiment over the past 4000 years, this aspect of Judaism may otherwise sound like a science experiment, but success has bred success.

As the ranks of Holocaust survivors thin, future Jewish generations outside of Israel have less reason to emotionally lock with their historical lineage. Distilled through the filter of fast modern lives, Judaism in mainstream Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Israel is under attack as youngsters have fewer reasons to engage. Seemingly old fashioned religious orthodoxy easily succumbs to liberating conservative, reform, reconstructionist or non-Jewish ideals. The minimalist formulae of liberal communities also promotes the highest levels of Jewish assimilation.

The centrality of orthodoxy to Jewish continuity is therefore synonymous with the centrality of modern Zionism to Jewish identity. Regardless of individual participation, these inextricable elements of Jewish survival are eternally bound. The Jewish crown and team emblem, worn proudly, are a Jew’s advantage to compete in the worlds individual and team events. Team Jewish Israel is also susceptible to challenges and threats by competitors, but strengthening associations improves core competency and competitiveness. This dynamic disseminates to people an improved ability to function, survive and thrive at a faster rate than any other team. Apologetics who conceal their open declaration of loyalty to team Jewish Israel must compensate in the statistical knowledge that their future generations will not participate on the momentum team.

A weak conviction to the Jewish ‘team’ eventually forgoes the opportunity to benefit from interactions, networks, relationships and to share the burdensome disposition by which the Jewish community is perpetually challenged. Jewish segregation and separation predicated by some to isolate and ostracize those who uphold their allegedly ignoble difference, often weakens their bond. However, defending the ancient Jewish right to live freely including on the land of Israel, without external threat makes a Jewish state of Israel necessary until it is irrefutably certain, to all Jews, that it is not. By then, the world will have been transformed by Jewishness, the purpose and obligation of every Jew.

Therefore, a Jew who bears the brunt of intolerance, yet in the face of it re-declares the right to practice their ancient conviction, changes the world on each occasion for the better. Each Jewish response a special realization guided by boundaries of ancient moral law and dignity, that people can practice morality, religion and culture and live side by side, fairly, constructively, emotionally and intellectually with respect and regard. The subtle shift an everyday occurrence in a world being prepared for a victory lap in which team Jewish Israel is unanimously appointed flag bearer.

Generational fantasy, maybe, but Jews who fail to recognize their maternally bonded benefits will eventually dissipate into a world influenced by other ideals supported by other memberships and  systematic networks. In the past 65 years, the relentless march of the orthodox Jewish core has been strengthened and when assimilated wanderers are juxtaposed, they may turn from their cultural obligation or even turn against it. Anti-Semitism pressurizes the Jew to decide; fight, stand or bow in the face of moral consensus and Jewish adversity.

Success by association is a possible motivating factor for exiled Jews to align with their startup nation. Only this nation’s success is preceded by a 4000 year history rooted in the soul of every Jew. A people who have been consolidated by their moral core and religious culture to return from the brink on too many occasions and who withstood the test of time. The dynamic is shifting; Israel’s Jews are soon to be the global Jewish majority, a tipping point of significant consequence as team Jewish Israel raise the bar on the benefits they already bestow to the world.


About the Author
Kevin Bermeister is the founder of www.Jerusalem5800.com, a master plan for Jerusalem through the year 2050. Bermeister is a technological innovator, developing substantial businesses in the computer, multimedia and Internet industries. Among his many accomplishments, he was a founding investor of Skype in 2002. He is also an active investor in Israeli real estate.