Josef Olmert

1967 -The next victim of Left Wing Historical Revisionism

The new Gregorian year will not be easy and pleasant for Israel and the vast majority of the Jewish people, as well as the very many non-Jews who support our cause. Our haters, from both within and outside are going to turn this year into the festival of 50 years of occupation. For them, history is only what can be used in order to justify the cause of the Palestinians, and that means every possible argument designed to delegitimize Israel’s very existence.

For many so-called Liberals [REAL Liberals can’t be anti Israel], mostly Jews, Israel’s very existence is not something that can be justified simply on the merits of the undisputed right of the Jewish people for its own statehood,as Israel’s is judged by criterias never used with regard to other peoples. So the connection to the Palestinians becomes the excuse to question this very existence. We can have our independence ONLY if they have,so when the 50 years of occupation is becoming the slogan of the day, it is more than mere PR slogan. This is the political justification for expressing objections to our right of national existence. The battle over the narrative thus becoming a much bigger battle,the battle , hence it is extremely important to revisit 1967. What happened there? why? how?.

Tensions alongside Israel’s borders started to escalate after 1964, when the PLO was established with the stated aim of destroying Israel, and at a time when there were NO settlements and EAST Jerusalem was under illegal Jordanian occupation, as well as the rest of Judea and Samaria[an occupation which was never recognized by the UN], and Jews were the only religious group not to be allowed to visit their holy places. There were Fath terror activities inside Israel, and tensions also with Syria , which encouraged these activities, and itself initiated violent attacks from the heights of the Golan, against the Israeli villages below.

From February of 1966 to April of 1967 there were 39 such incidents. The tensions were brought to a head in November 1966, when , with Soviet backing, Syria and Egypt signed a defense pact. Then , on 15 May 1967, Egypt declared general mobilization, started sending troops to Sinai, in clear violation of UN resolutions which led to the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai and Gaza after the Sinai campaign of October 1956. The then miserable UN General Secretary, U Tant, agreed unilaterally to withdraw the UN Peace Keeping Troops[oxymoron, ah?…] and Egypt’s dictator Nasser imposed a blockade over Israeli Shipping in the Tiran straits, leading to Eilat, on top of the blockade on Israeli shipping in the Suez Canal, both in total contravention of international law, both constitute Casus Belli cases. Israel was subjected to an act of war, and the Israeli government of the day PLEADED with the Western powers, US, Britain and France to initiate an international operation designed to break the blockade, so that Israel will not have to use its totally right of self-defense unilaterally, but for no avail. The brilliant Foreign Minister, Abba Eban failed to convince any of his discussants, and not for lack of proper use of the French and English languages.

Things got worse when on 30 May , the Hashimite King Hussein of Jordan joined the Egyptian -Syrian alliance, thus completing the encirclement of Israel with hostile countries. Millions demonstrated in the Arab capitals waving the SS emblems , calling for the end of Israel, where the memory of the Holocaust was still so fresh. The fear for the very survival of the state was tangible, real and justified. It was also the realization, that international guarantees mean NOTHING when concerning Israel.

On 1 June, a government of national unity was established in Jerusalem. The Jews of Israel got ready to the final battle. On 5 June, 8;05 AM, Yoram Arbel in the Voice of Israel told the people, that the battle for national survival started. When he read the laconic message of the IDF spokesman, the battle in the South front was all but decided, as the Egyptian air force lay in ruins in their airfields, after the brilliant first strike by our Airforce. King Hussein of Jordan was then urged by Israel, in fact, was publicly and quietly BEGGED by Israel NOT to attack us, but he did and the Knesset was shelled. on 7 June Jerusalem was LIBERATED, SO WAS BEIT LEHEM AND HEBRON. The Jews came back to their homeland, reluctantly, not after any prior preparation, but in response to an unprovoked aggression and acts of war.

This is what the Left Wing calls 50 years of occupation, but what loyalist Zionists, Jews and supporters of Israel call the 50th anniversary of the war of national deliverance. WELCOME TO 2017.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina