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2 Alternative Video Editing Tools Born Out of Israel

“The First rule of video-editing is: you do not talk about video-editing. The second rule of video-editing is: you do not talk about video-editing.”

Sound familiar? Luckily, this isn’t the case for movie-making or video-editing. The most important law of movie-making is no matter how much you paid for your camera or how skillful you may be, your raw and untouched footage will never be on the level it needs to be without adding a professional polish by installing a video editor.

We’re in a time where capturing a video is made easy with the luxuries of a smartphone or smaller, economically friendly and convenient cameras to produce high-end quality results. Not only is the shooting a walk in the park but so is the editing.

There are some basic applications to help you to trim or clip footage and in fact, with a decent camera and good editing software, you can create something that looks similar to a Hollywood blockbuster than your childhood home videos.

If you’re beyond the amatuer level, than simply applying a filter, adjusting contrast and trimming excess footage does not cut the cake for you. You need a video editing software to suit your needs with tools such as video stabilizations, audio mixing and title designers.  Some of these dynamic tools are restricted for desktop applications as they depend on processing power, wide work-space and a lot of patience whilst others can be done on your phone.

With any software you’re planning on purchasing, analyze all the features. A designer will want to create a video for professional use in comparison to the needs of a consumer who is just editing their homemade videos. So, consider which video formats you’ll be shooting in, this will determine what the software’s formatting capabilities should be.

I’ve gone on the fishing expedition for you and found 3 Israeli video editing tools to help you turn a raw video into an impeccable product:


For the pro – LookAt

Still in it’s infancy, but on it’s way to greatness is LookAt. A collaborative cloud for videos, created to make it easy and efficient to share and review a video project in progress.

Besides for the usual features that come along with video-editing tools, it sends the files over the cloud and has its own video player so you can leave annotations or markups on the screen at any given time, all these are saved in a comment/chat area in which you can easily refer to when you reach a certain part of the video.

The tool allows the ability to comment, annotate and sketch edits frame-by-frame, everyone on your team can easily review and make notes on the work in progress so you save significant time.


For the novice – Magisto

If your video is coming across as too long and boring, the Israeli startup Magisto, created a tool that selects the best part of your videos, adds the chosen music, themes and side effects and merges them into beautiful, short movies. It has become extremely popular as an app on both Android and IPhone.

Magisto is not for the artistic-professional, detail oriented video editor. It’s for the average Joe who doesn’t have the time or patience to learn and produce a complicated editing software. It gives people the chance to take their videos and turn them into movies that are fun and easy to watch.

The technology is the secret sauce of the company, it finds the best footage in by recognizing the difference between people, objects and backdrops.


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