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2014 Annual suck report …

This is my annual Suck report. Everything and everyone are targets for this so if I left you or any subject out well….. That sucks.
First let’s stipulate that the following people suck. In my opinion of course which you may think really sucks.

Republicans suck
Democrats suck
Communists suck
Mayors of New York City that are really communists suck.
Some policeman suck
Most policeman don’t suck
Al Sharpton really really, really sucks.
Using a symbol that has proven to be a lie (hands up don’t shoot) in rallies against policeman really suck.
Tackling a guy who was selling cigarettes, cigarettes, yup cigarettes, and then not helping him when he screams I can’t breathe really really sucks.
Robbing a store of cigars and then resisting arrest sucks.
Resisting arrest for just robbing a store of cigars and then getting shot many times after attacking a policeman and resisting arrest really sucks.
The New York Times mostly sucks (not all of it).
MSNBC sucks but nobody knows it because they don’t’ watch.
CBS news headed by the brother of the political director at the White House sucks.
Wall Street sucks (except when my stocks are up).
Lawyers suck, but they know that and will write a law prohibiting me for saying that.
Godzilla sucks, can’t we get a good Godzilla movie made?
Breaking bad sucks because there are no more of them.
Boardwalk Empire really sucks because it is over.
Robin Williams, and Joan River’s dying sucks.
Death sucks, yes it really really sucks unless there is an afterlife, and then that doesn’t suck. Unless of course the afterlife is only with people that you don’t like then that would suck.

President Obama sucks
Removing Harry Reid from power doesn’t suck.
Isis really, really, really , really, sucks
Cutting heads off of innocent people really really sucks.
Hamas totally , sucks
Hezbollah sucks
The UN really really really really sucks.
Bibi Netanyahu doesn’t suck
Tzipi Livni mostly sucks
Egypt so far doesn’t suck
Terrorists suck
J Street sucks
J Street really sucks
Did I say J Street sucks?
Jeremy Ben Ami of … J Street SUCKS
North Koreas Kim John Un really sucks.
Trying to spell Kim John UN sucks
Sony sucks

Diets sucks
Really good key lime pie doesn’t suck
Getting older sucks
Not getting older because you are dead really really sucks
Ebola sucks,
The reporting about Ebola really sucks
Ebola disappearing and nobody discussing it now really really sucks
Flu shots that don’t protect against the flu sucks
A President who thinks that he is an emperor sucks, know anybody like that?
Having rule of law, and a constitution in our Country doesn’t suck
Not following it after swearing to uphold it really really sucks.
John Boehner sucks.
John Boehner sucks
John Boehner really sucks
Mitch McConnell. Mostly sucks
Rand Paul sucks
Rand Paul’s hair sucks
Or Rand Paul’s hair piece sucks
Ron Paul really sucks and has no hair.
Losing one’s hair sucks

Nancy Pelosi sucks but she will lie about it.
Hating to fly sucks
Airports that greet you with signs that say “Terminal” when you hate to fly really sucks.
The weather last winter sucked. It was so cold that Al Gore fell into a deep depression so that sucks.
The weather at least here in the Midwest however last summer was perfect so that doesn’t suck.
Deaf people suck
Blind people suck
People with no teeth suck
Skinny people suck
Fat people suck…
Body builders suck
People suck generally.
Bald people suck
Short people suck
Tall people suck
People that love people suck.
People that eat people suck.
Hate sucks
Love can suck but mostly doesn’t suck

People that talk about people eating people suck (which means I suck).
Bad breath sucks
Bad breath sucks if you discover it is yours sucks
Wasting time sucks
Wasting time reading this column really sucks.
I suck

This year’s column really really sucks.


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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.