2020: Perspective

A quokka, Australia. (iStock)
A quokka, Australia. (iStock)

Everything is broken or a lie or a quokka (actual animal but you’ll never know which social media photos of it are real).

It would be one thing if it was childless me eleven years ago, with only my self to while away the hours, perhaps even wisely. And what does “wisely” even imply? Did I spell “while” correctly? Or is it “wile”? I don’t really know because I can’t trust what I read online, even a grammar dictionary. Wile seems more accurate because everything seems to be an elaborate trick and one that ends in “Oh no!!”, not an “Aha!” of delight.

When people complained, a smart-ass would oft remind them that they had the best of things, it was the height of modernization, they were alive at the pinnacle of existence, well at least if you were in a particular socioeconomic caste anyway. Weighing in on all of life’s aspects, I’m not so sure we, globally, aren’t having the worst of it, nor that life back then, was really so bad. Back to the Year that Isn’t.

What’s the end goal? The big picture? Forget that, give me a short-term destination, I’m already regretting the journey. For which junior high should I help my preteen prepare? Why? What do you know about the future? And why should I trust you?

Two people fishing on a lake. One is twice the age of the other. Conversation ensues. Short story is the younger of the two is enjoying his life now, not waiting for retirement. Carp(e) diem indeed!

I’ve been reminded during these mockdowns about what really matters, a good internet connection, a ready supply of peppermint extract, amazing friends at a distance of course, a sense of humor, and the ability to pivot, be creative, and trust in yourself.

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Rachel F. Wanetik (@gmail) couldn't have pivoted from Trash or Treasure, a litter cleanup activity and garbage talk at Jerusalem community gardens, to ReeLife Lessons (@gmail), an online series of classes, because it's all educational. Therefore she'll call it an offshoot program 'cause it sounds more nature-like, and she wants nothing more than to share her ideas with whomever wants to listen.
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