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Netanyahu ‘wasting time,’ PA says of AIPAC speech

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There could be some truth in this assessment. Calling for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state might be a very convenient way of putting off the ‘tough decisions’ that the situation has, for decades, been demanding from both sides in their never-ending stalemate.

But there again, ‘tough decisions’ are, by their very nature, the ones that few leaders and statesmen would be willing to embrace – or be seen taking. The consequences can be very detrimental to anyone wishing to remain in office or advance to a long-established political career. Some have even proved quite fatal to the lives of major figures many times in the past.

So why not offload such decision-making responsibilities onto a less risk-averse, more resilient and far better protected group of people?

And just who might they be?

‘They’ are the vast bulk of humanity, the sum total of all adults on this planet. Give them a voice, a purpose and a means to fulfill a great destiny and then nothing can stop them from doing so.



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