The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part59)

Obama vows to oppose anti-Semitism ‘wherever it takes root’ | The Times of Israel

But how can something like anti-Semitism be effectively fought and, if possible, even eliminated altogether?

By laws prohibiting dissemination and the public holding of all such views?

By compulsion and the forced ‘removal’ of those deemed guilty of the worst excesses encountered?

By religious decree, prohibition or guidance in these matters, eventually consigning the subject to the dusty pages of history and mere academic interest thereafter?

By threat, bribe, argument or moral indignation that so ancient a curse can still find resonance within the shortcomings of 21st century human beings?

The problem with measures such as these derives from the very fact that all of them are primarily negative in character. They may well reduce incidents of anti-Semitism but, by themselves, they can never be expected to initiate its downfall. Only something much more positive can ever hope to do that. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Well, isn’t banishing the spectre of war forever a matter of some positive import? Wouldn’t the prospect of preventing all manner of national and international conflict and crises come as a distinct bonus to every single one of us? Because if it doesn’t, then it might be observed that some people are just too fastidious and hard to please for words to tell.


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