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3 Jewish Executives Rocking The Miami Tech Scene

Much like Tel Aviv, when we think of Miami we think of beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife, and loads of sunshine. We’re drawn in by the beautiful ladies and nice weather, but what really impresses us are the startups taking over the Miami scene. After New York, Miami has the 2nd largest Jewish population in America. These Miami Jews must have the ‘tel-avivian creative energy’ in their blood because they’re rocking the Miami Startup scene from right to left.

Three Jewish startups that are taking Miami by storm are: ITLY, an online site that imports high-quality Italian products straight to your door.

Bitton Events, is an all-inclusive events company for your social or corporate needs providing entertainment, lighting,etc. And finally, TREM Group, a boutique residential real estate firm. How is their laid back Miami style and their Jewish upbringing helping them rock the Miami startup scene?

What inspired you to begin your startup in Miami?

“Miami is a vibrant city that is becoming the new hub (technology) starry city of the East Coast. The mix of cultures in Miami reflect the mix of all different types of ideas that are born in Miami.”

  • Joe Victor Behar,, high-quality Italian products delivered straight to you

“I was working in the real estate industry in Miami Beach and realized that the industry seemed very old fashioned and out of date. At that time, in the early 2000’s, most real estate agents did not have a website and relied primarily on referrals and print advertising. So after a few years in the industry and once I really understood how the business worked, I set up my first real estate website. After about 10 years in the real estate industry as an agent and successfully closing over $100 million in sales.”

  • Josh Stein, TREM Group, Boutique Residential Real Estate Firm

What about the Jewish Community in Miami in particular, helped you along the way?

“As a Jew, you feel a much stronger connection to the real startup world here, a lot of Israelis are calling Miami, ‘Eretz Miami’. In addition to my Jewish culture, I’m also representing my Italian heritage, Miami is a great melting pot to blend all of our cultures. The Jewish Community in Miami is also extremely supportive, when we first launched the community helped us spread the word. From here, the connections snowballed leading to more users, and ultimately, more revenue. ”

  • Joe Victor Behar,

“We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the help from our Jewish Community here in Miami. We made it through some tough times we weren’t even sure we would make it through. Luckily, the Jewish Community is leading the way for innovative startups in Miami. When we needed advice we would head to The LAB, which is a large open space for startup companies full of people constantly willing to help (many of which are Jewish-owned).”

  • David Bitton, BittonEvents, your all-inclusive social/corporate event company


Example of BittonEvents dinner reception

 How big and important is the Jewish Tech Scene in Miami?

“There are a lot of good players right now on the field. With the right connections you can enter the right spot to being a ‘Tech-Jew’ in Miami. In the midst of a really multi-ethnic society you meet a lot of different new types of people, a lot not even not Jewish, together we share the values of a good business. In fact, keeping a ‘Kosher’ business has become a common word in our Miami tech world.”

  • Joe Victor Behar,

“I’m starting to hear about it more and more! I never realized how large it actually is. Miami is very diverse, we have Jewish people from all around the world; Israel; Argentina; Brazil; all over Europe. It’s a very exciting time to be in Miami now.”

  • Josh Stein, TREM Group


TREM group website

Pinpoint a specific time when you saw your dream become reality. Inspire us.

“There were a few moments that proved we were onto something. The first was when we had our first paying customer, that was a very exciting day! When we hit the 1,000th customer mark, paid off all the credit cards, made all our money back on marketing and development, and finally started becoming profitable, that’s when it really hit us that our dream had already become a reality.”

  • David Bitton, BittonEvents

“I think I really felt the reality of what i was doing was working once I started closing bigger deals in the real estate industry as an agent. And I knew that I was one of the only agents doing this, so I felt like I had a wide open market in front of me. Of course, it was much more difficult than I could have ever imagined, but I pressed on and TREM Group now has over 120 clients. Everyday we are learning something new and trying to adapt to the changing tech world.”

  • Josh Stein, TREM Group

The diverse and spiritual startup culture in Miami is growing rapidly. The Jewish community is remaining prominent and on-top of the game. Supporting one another and working off of one another’s creative energy, and using Miami as the perfect multi-cultural platform to succeed.


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