3 Reasons Why the World Needs to Wake Up and Smell the Terror in Israel

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 – Yet another terror attack takes place in Israel. Palestinian terrorist, Hamza Muhammed Hassan Matrouk, boarded Dan bus number 40 in Tel Aviv and stabbed the driver along with more than a dozen innocent passengers. The 22-year-old terrorist from the West Bank was quickly tracked down and shot shortly after fleeing the tragic, gory scene.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 8:00am PT – The first story to appear on my Facebook newsfeed features the terrorist attack that took place in Israel earlier that morning. My jaw drops, my heart sinks. Just 6 months ago I was living in Tel Aviv, walking down that very road, riding those same Dan buses to and from work.

There are simply no words in the English language that can express the sadness and pain that I felt for Israel after reading about the tragic bus stabbing. My sorrow lingered throughout the entire day, yet no one else seemed to be bothered. The fact that I could hardly speak about the recent terror attack in Tel Aviv got me thinking, Why are so many people blind to terrorism in Israel? Why does it seem like hardly anyone recognizes a terror attack in Tel Aviv, especially after all of the terrorism that has taken place recently in France?

With these thoughts in mind, I’ve come to realize that more awareness must be made about terrorism in Israel – here are just 3 reasons why:

  • Israel is unlike the rest of the Middle East – Most people tend to overlook the fact that Israel is different from every other country in the Middle East. Most of the world might assume that terrorism is a normal part of life in Middle Easter countries. Yet, it’s crucial for people to start differentiating between Israel and other countries located in the Middle East. It’s unfortunate that Israel is bounded by violent neighbors who regularly partake in terroristic activities. Israel, however, is an entirely separate, civilized, cultured and unique country. Not to mention that Israel is the Jewish homeland and is inhabited by a numerous amount of Jews from all over the world. If you are one of the many people that haven’t already realized that Israel is different from Syria, for instance, now is the time to start recognizing this fact.
  • Israel’s unique relationship with America – Did you know that Israel is America’s only ally in the Middle East? It’s true – Israel is the only country in the Middle East to have formed a strong, everlasting relationship with America. Why? Well, for one, Israel is a democratic nation built on the rule of law, freedom of religion, and a strong belief in human rights. Israel’s relationship with America helps promote regional peace, while enhancing the security of both That’s right – both nations. The fact that Israel shares similar values with America has allowed Israel to become one of the world’s most important regions in the world, ever since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. That’s some food for thought.
  • Israel has become a globally recognized technology powerhouse – Do you know why Israel is considered to be a “Startup Nation”? Because innovation and technological advances occur regularly in Israel. After living in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, I can confidently say that both of these places are the Silicon Valleys of the world. Just as almost everyone has a startup in San Francisco, everyone in Israel seems to be coming up with new ideas aimed at technological, medical and other important worldly advances. A number of life-changing achievements have been invented in Israel, including: Azilect, a drug for Parkinson’s disease; the “pillcam” used to record images of the digestive track; the USB flash drive; Waze, the popular navigation system; the first PC microprocessor – just to name a few.

The World Needs to Know

The only way to help combat terrorism in Israel is to start recognizing the act as a global problem. Israel is a unique country in the Middle East, and should not be clumped together with countries that are familiar with terrorism. Israel’s strong ties with America demonstrate the importance of this tiny country located in the Middle East. Israel may be small, but the country continues to hold its head high. The rest of the world must be aware that terrorism should not be tolerated in Israel, just like it should not be tolerated anywhere else in the world.

About the Author
Rachel made Aliyah at the age of 24. She moved to Tel Aviv from Dallas, Texas by herself, after falling in love with the country on a birthright trip. Rachel currently lives in San Francisco where she works as a content marketing consultant and a blogger for The Huffington Post. Follow Rachel on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to stay up to date with her most recent blog posts and articles.
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