3D Street art at Jerusalem during Passover holidays

I was not a big fan of arts from my childhood days. This time we made an effort to travel Jerusalem to see some 3D art street paintings just because it was economic and we (me and my wife) had visited most of the places in Israel. I came to know about this event through Jerusalem media syndrome (JMS), the coordinator had sent a mail about the event and the link to all the students. Curiosity over 3D paintings drove us to visit the place. The following would be the experiences I had during the trip.

It was a sunny evening, around 4pm we landed at Jerusalem central station and took tram to Jaffa center. The event was happening right at the middle of the city, an attractive spot. The streets were with more of European touch. The temperature, crowd, happenings around you, people busy listening and watching some performances around them, all these reminded me of Southern Italy. Me and my wife started to walk around the streets without concentrating on anything, just to get the feeling of the place.

First thing, we decided to search for the 3D paintings and found the first art by Yonathan gal. I must admit that I did not understand anything and the 3D effect was not up-to our expectations. A bit of a disappointment. My wife suggested seeing other pictures as well. So the search began for the other pictures and found another one just few meters away from the place. We also found a guy giving a map for the locations of paintings; a big gasp in my mind and again curiosity overcame disappointment. This time we understood where to stand and see the pictures; it’s funny that in our 1st picture, we were standing in an absolute opposite direction, suggested by the painter. How brainless we are…!!! Further on, we were just enjoying the trip walking the streets, watching the children , teens posing before the iphones. Almost all of them were proud to pose before the camera, hopefully for a social media post, before all the 3D pictures. Although it was created by a talented artist, even I did the same “funny people”..!. The creativity of the artists was impressive, and I’m sharing a few of them below.We ended up in the Hillel street of Jerusalem to watch the street performances.


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About the Author
Sridharan Jagadeesan is an Indian student doing his PhD at Volcani Institute. He is here for more than four years and still loves the country.