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4 Israeli Cybersecurity Companies Making Headlines

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The cybersecurity market has been steadily growing every year.  For the year 2023, the estimated revenue of the security industry worldwide is $173.50 billion.

Security organizations all over the world have been tackling the issues that corporations are facing since the rise of remote work, rapid cloud adoption, and an increased number of malicious hacking activities. 

Israel is no exception.

Companies based in Israel have been at the forefront of cybersecurity with innovative solutions that tackle the issues of protecting more data, heightened hacking activity, and complex multi-cloud infrastructures.

Here, we highlight four Israeli cybersecurity companies that have been changing the industry one security solution at a time.

#1 Check Point – All Around Cybersecurity Solution

Check Point is a well-known cybersecurity company with headquarters in Tel Aviv that has been developing versatile protective software since 1993.

Now a leader in cybersecurity development and research, Checkpoint’s solutions cover a wider array of solutions, including:

  • Cloud security including migration, compliance, and threat hunting
  • Network security such as IoT protection, data center security, and zero trust
  • Access security endpoint, protection against threats such as phishing, ransomware, and more
  • Mobile security

The company has also been covering versatile industries ranging from education, retail industry, finance, and healthcare. 

It has also been helping businesses of all sizes to improve their security as they build their infrastructures with cloud technology and add more endpoints that have to be guarded against cyber attacks.

Therefore, Checkpoint has a variety of solutions that cover the complete architecture of a modern business and protects users working in the company as well as customers from the repercussions of possible major cyber incidents such as ransomware.

#2 Eureka – Cloud Data Security

Eureka Security is a Tel Aviv-based company that specializes in cloud data security in the cloud environment since 2021. 

Their eureka moment occurred when they noticed that more and more companies have been adding cloud solutions to their infrastructure. The same technology that enables them easier growth has been putting their customers’ data at risk. 

Also, it made it challenging for security teams dedicated to the continual improvement of complete protection while also meeting compliance demands.

Data Security Posture Management is their main solution which gives companies more control over their data stored in the cloud by:

  • Letting them know where their data is at all times
  • Identifying sensitive and publicly available information
  • Offering solutions on how to guard the information based on previous mapping (which information is being stored and where it resides within the infrastructure)
  • Allowing oversight of the information and protection in real-time

That is, it enables rapid scaling via the cloud without compromising customers’ sensitive data and simplifies the security of the infrastructure that is growing in complexity.

#3 Snyk – App Development Security

Synk is an Israeli security platform that is focused on developers. The company has been developing their product since 2015.

The main goal of their security is to protect the application every step of the way. 

That is, instead of worrying about the possible security gaps in the later stages of the app development, this platform offers tools that allow and encourage developers and cybersecurity experts to strengthen the security as they build the app.

For instance, some of their products include:

  • SAST which secures the code as it is being written
  • Containers for protecting base images
  • Open source SCA for discovering dependencies that contain flaws

In that way, the company doesn’t create an app with major gaps in security because they have not been addressed on time.

Even more, it enables the application to stay secure even after it has been released to the public.

The company has recently managed to raise $195.5 million in Series G-funding and its currently valued at 7.4 billion. 

#4 Argus Cyber Security – Automotive Cyber Protection

Argus Cyber Security is a leading expert in Automotive cybersecurity that has been evolving and developing its solutions in Tev Avid headquarters since 2013.

The main goal of its cybersecurity solutions is to provide protection for vehicle manufacturers that design vehicles with modern security challenges that are getting more and more complex.

For example, Argus deals with embedded software but also does penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in security. 

Their solutions built for automotive cybersecurity include:

  • Compliance management
  • VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response)
  • Identify fraud detection

To Conclude

These four companies solve the major pain point of security needed to protect systems that are rapidly changing and growing all the while facing an increased volume of malicious hacking activity.

For Eureka, the main focus is securing large volumes of data in the cloud while also meeting compliance demands regaining control over where the information is and whether it’s safe within the system.

Check Point is a leading cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive solutions for the protection of any part of the structure that businesses build into their architecture today from the cloud to the smallest IoT components.

Snyk’s platform is a great aid for applications developers who want to integrate the best security practices every step of the way and build a more secure foundation for the company.

Argus Cyber Security is a company that specializes in the automobile industry and offers solutions that meet the needs of modern car manufacturers that have increasingly complex needs.

If cybersecurity is reflective of these four mentioned companies, we can be sure that all round protection of data and architectures are here to stay for honest companies fighting daily to secure themselves against malicious actors online.

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