5 Different Kosher Safaris to Choose From

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Kosher luxury Safari tours in Africa are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They take care of everything – minyanim, kosher food, and an amazing Shabbat atmosphere. So as you marvel at the magnificence of God’s remarkable creatures and exquisite landscapes, you won’t have to trouble yourself with finding a tenth man or a bottle of Kiddush wine. Above all, they provide the personal attention that will turn your adventure into a trip to remember.

1. Kruger National Park Kosher Safaris

One of the biggest and most beautiful nature reserves in Africa. The park covers an area equal in size to Israel and has a vast number of different species. (About 150 species of mammals, more than 500 species of birds and 100 kinds of reptiles. Included in these, is the big five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) the number of species found in this reserve exceeds the number of any other reserve in the world. Most undeniable the perfect choice for a Kosher Holiday.

2. Botswana Chobe National Park Kosher Safaris

The park is widely known for its spectacular elephant population in Africa. It is one of the continent’s largest concentrations of animals and certainly the most versatile. Located on the Chobe River we will have the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of wildlife in the reserve. Watch herds of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, lots of antelope, buffalo and predators. For an immersive Kosher Travel experience that will forever change who you are and how you perceive Kosher Safaris, consider going to Bostwana with Glatt Safaris.

3. Victoria Falls Kosher Safaris

The local people call the falls, “Thundering smoke”. The water falls from different heights up to 108m, forming clouds that appear like smoke, so thick that their splashes can sometimes hide the falls. The thundering waterfalls are a contrast to the calm of the wild environment around it.

4. Cape Town Kosher Safaris

Welcome to the city that is considered one of the World’s most beautiful cities! A description with which you will agree upon your arrival. The diverse architecture, exotic beaches, the eruption of nature and the famous Table Mountain magnetize countless visitors who cannot wait for their next visit.

A visit to Cape Town is the climax of any trip to South Africa, and rightfully so! You will experience the beautiful Table Mountain in its glory, the Cape of Good Hope’s reserve and much more.

5. Garden-Route Kosher Safaris

Among lakes, bays, cliffs, canyons and rivers. The ridge extends very close to the beach and wonderful rich greenery has developed on it. Alongside rainforests you can also find planted groves and wildflowers, therefore, this narrow mountain strip has been nicknamed “Garden Route”.

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