5 Online Marketing Predictions for 2018

Have you been paying attention this year? It’s truly been the year of the unexpected. In 2016 we had ambitions, in 2017, we just wanted to survive.

Let’s talk about my area of expertise, online marketing and startups.

Here are five PREDICTIONS for 2018 and some tips on how you can get in on these trends:

VR & Video

It might not be the year where VR makes it into most homes, but this year videos are going to be huge and some of that will be VR. Coca Cola had a VR commercial in 2016 and BMW has a new one now:



I think we’re going to have more and more high end brands use VR technologies. But at the same time low-budget selfie-like videos will still be around and brands will go for a “low tech” selfie-like look, like below (made by Vogue).


While 2018 won’t be the year everyone pays professional production companies, I do think more and more will do so. Expect to see more ads that look like music videos and short films.


Tip: More often than not, Facebook videos are seen and not heard; YouTube videos are heard and not seen. Keep this in mind as you plan your videos.

Etsy & E-Commerce Shifts

By 2016, everyone who made anything was on Etsy. In 2017, everyone complained about tanking Etsy sales. And Etsy as a trend has been stagnant for a while.

I predict that in 2018 many of these folks will open their own stores, or shift their resources to improving their own store and not Etsy store. With platforms like Wix, Shopify, and WordPress opening a store is easier than ever.

I’m uncertain about the future of Amazon Handmade marketplace if sellers are getting fed up with Etsy if they’re willing to give another big website a chance.

On the other hand, Amazon FBA could be such a help with fulfillment for owner-operated businesses it’s a real opportunity to increase volume. FBA is when Amazon stores and ships out your products for you but is pretty much impossible for businesses that work with personalization, like custom balloons or personalized name necklaces.

Tip: Do a profit-cost analysis before you choose your platform.

Ad Words for All

Google AdWords is targeting small businesses with a free 300 shekel offer for advertising and it’s hard to resist.

I think that in 2018 more and more businesses will take Google up on their offer. See more small businesses, local businesses, owner run and operated businesses using Google AdWords.

Tip: Having a certified AdWords Partner agency like Moavs Marketing is a great way to make sure you can take advantage of all the latest features of AdWords. If you use a freelancer, ask if they are Google Certified.

Google Trends Still Trendy

 When Google Trends made its debut over 10 years ago, there was no way to know that this quirky tool I learned about as a History MA student would be one of the most well-loved and appreciated tools in the history of Google. Just my opinion there!

It never ceases to bring me joy when I can share this tool with someone for the first time.

Lets say you want to sell elephant jewelry. Using this awesome tool, you can see when people are looking for elephant jewelry. You can observe a few things:

  • People are looking for elephant jewelry – so you have a market
  • It’s a very seasonal item – interest spikes in December
  • Interest over time is steady, so it’s not a fly-by-night trend


Tip: If nobody is searching for what you want to sell, it could be that people just don’t want it!

Content is Ruler of the Whole Universe 

If “content was king” of 2017, then content is ruler of the entire universe in 2018. Whether you want to write a blog post about how to remove candle wax from a glass container or whether name necklaces are tacky, you better be ready to answer the question clearly, concisely, and mobile-friendly if you want to compete online.

Think anywhere from a Google Snippet-friendly 1,2,3 list to a detailed diagram getting sites like howtocleanstuff.net ranking #1 because they do a good job answering questions.

I predict that all types of website owners who regularly blog will see more traffic coming to their website because of high quality blogs.

Tip: Talk from the heart, it speaks to the soul

Wishing you and your business all the best in 2018! Please leave any questions in the comments.

About the Author
Lindsey Moav is the CEO and Creative Solutions Architect at Kaye Perry Marketing.