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5 Promising Israeli Startups That Are Currently Hiring

Needless to say, the startup industry in Israel is booming. Just this year, Israeli startups managed to raise around 1.12 billion, making it one of the most successful years of all time. For this reason among many, more and more people are looking to get in on the action. Thankfully, there are a wide array of interesting and dynamic startups to choose from.

Being very involved in the startup scene, I get pinged every day by startup founders (and candidates!) asking for a referral. I decided to group 5 of the leading ones in this post – good luck applying for them, let me know if you need a good word!


If you are into data sciences, machine learning, and the algorithms that drive interactions between people and technology,Optimove may just be the opportunity you’re looking for. Optimove is a vibrant think-tank and a major player in the ever-evolving Martech space. The company has come a long way since its founding in 2009, growing to over 70 employees across three continents and doubling its year-over-year, two years in a row.

Optimove’s solution uses big data to identify behavioral patterns and segment customers according to their wants and tendencies. The model then allows customer centric businesses from a wide range of verticals to create meaningful, emotionally intelligent interactions with each customer. Optimove’s Customer Marketing Cloud is used by 180 brands, including Zynga, Outbrain, Lucky Vitamin,, Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment and many more.

Optimove is currently hiring for several dynamic positions, including: Senior DBA, Senior Developer, and Full Stack Developer — all in their Tel-Aviv headquarters. Check out their site to discover more about the amazing opportunities and other job openings available at Optimove.


User-generated content is truly an exploding market — and Israeli startup Spot.IM is on track to be a game-changer in this field. Founded in 2012, the company has grown tremendously in the past few years–spanning across two continents and boasting a prominent client base which includes Red Bull, London Entertainment Magazine, Time Out, and

Spot.IM’s technology seeks to give publishers ownership of their content by providing for their users an onsite social dimension without the need to venture to traditional social networks. Realizing that publishers’ decade-old platform for user engagement – the ‘comments section’ – was hopelessly outdated, the team decided to build something that would better meet the demands of today’s users. Spot.IM features realtime conversations, a personalized newsfeed, instant, on-site notifications, and more to help publishers build their own online community around the content they work so hard to produce. This dramatically increases page views, user retention, and engagement.

Spot.IM is in the market for three talents to join their expanding team. Open positions include: Back-End Developer,  Account Manager,  and Front-End Developer. Check them out here to find out more about the company and opportunities available.


If the native-advertising space intrigues you, and you’re looking to be apart of up and coming start up in one of the hottest fields of digital media — then Apester may be the answer. Apester is a digital platform that lets publishers and brands insert interactive units that relate to their content for readers to interact with, in the form of polls, surveys, tests and video quizzes — increasing time spent on their site by 20 percent. Their client base already includes the likes of AOL, The Daily Telegraph, and The Huffington Post.

Apester was recently established in 2014, by CEO Moti Cohen and has already made it’s mark on the industry. While they began in Israel, their headquarters are now in New York City, expanding their presence in the United States.

Apester has several open positions up for the taking including: Head of Sales, Digital Content Analyst and UI Designer. For all the specs take a look here.


It’s time for you to be a part of something you believe in. If you’re interested in being a key player in an innovative and rapidly expanding company, Pepperi might be the perfect fit. Pepperi is a mobile sales suite for brands and wholesalers. With their help, companies seamlessly transition into mobile sales, enabling them to increase B2B revenues, and shorten the order-to-cash cycle leading to an overall elevated brand image.

Pepperi was established in 2006 and generates 5 billion dollars of sales orders every year in 56 countries.

Pepperi is looking for motivated individuals to fill three unique positions: Customer Success, R&D and Sales. Click here to learn more about becoming part of their team.

We all find ourselves complaining about feeling lost in the depths of the internet, overwhelmed with copious amounts of information. If you don’t want to be apart of the problem, be the solution and join one of Israel’s leading startups.

Roojoom was founded in March 2013 by CEO Yuval Shemesh, Head of Product Rami Ricanati and CTO Or Meirov. The company was created with one main goal in mind– to solve the internet’s storytelling problem. Roojoom is a content marketing automation platform that helps brands use their content to create personalized web experiences. The platform incorporates all the relevant information of a particular topic under one roof to educate customers collectively and sequentially, as the best way to tell a specific story from a specific point of view. Roojoom has grown extensively over the past year, working with clients such as Microsoft, eToro and Payoneer,  in addition to various banks and large CPGs.

If you’re looking for your next big challenge, Roojoom has two open positions up for grabs: Corporate Sales Manager and Account Manager. If this peaks your interest, take a look at their site for more details.

Finding the perfect startup to work for is not always easy, but once you find a great fit,  it can be an extremely rewarding experience. Thankfully, here in Israel there are plenty of startups spanning across a variety of industries–making it a great place to get started pursuing your dreams.

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