5 Reasons to Consider Moving to Israel Now

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As a professional consultant, I understand the significance of making informed decisions, especially when considering global relocation. In the wake of recent events, particularly the horrific tragedy of October 7th, there has been a notable surge in those interested in moving to Israel. This surge is not merely coincidental but indicative of a larger trend driven by various factors that make now the opportune time to consider making Israel your new home. Here are five compelling reasons why relocating to Israel now is more advantageous than ever, particularly for those seeking Jewish solidarity amidst rising antisemitism worldwide.

1. Surge in Interest

The tragedy of October 7th have sparked a massive surge in interest among Jewish communities worldwide interested in relocation to Israel. Paradoxically, this surge alone is a testament to the recognition of Israel as a bastion of safety and security for Jewish people in an increasingly uncertain global landscape. According to various recent statistics, inquiries of immigration to Israel have seen a profound uptick since October 7th, the numbers of inquiries from North America having doubled, and a staggering 400% increase in inquiries from France. This clearly reflects a growing desire among Jewish individuals and families to seek refuge and solidarity in the homeland of their heritage.

2. Security and Stability

I know…yeah right. However, allow me to point out that despite its geopolitical challenges, Israel remains one of the most secure and stable nations not only in the Middle East, but also the world. This fact is underpinned by our robust security infrastructure, including the most advanced defense systems, recently showcased by the stunning display of defense against the largest combined missile and drone attack in world history by Iran, This alongside our vigilant intelligence agencies, ensures the safety of our citizens and residents. Contrary to misconceptions perpetuated by external narratives, Israel offers a comparatively high standard of living with modern amenities and a strong social safety net, providing a secure environment for individuals and families, often surpassing safety rankings of some European countries.

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Mikhail, an Israeli entrepreneur and educator, is dedicated to shedding light on Israeli life. With a mission to empower individuals to embrace the abundant opportunities in Israel, Mikhail strives to reveal the actual Israel, often obscured by global media narratives. His commitment extends beyond his blog, as he also serves as a consultant to immigrants, assisting them in navigating the intricacies of relocation and integration into Israeli society.
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