5 Things I Miss about Israel

So, it’s been two years and 10 days since I left Israel. I had lived here for 10 years, after making aliyah. I just returned for a quick eight-day visit on Saturday night. While I am playing daily mind games whether I want to return to live here, or not. The following are things that being here, I realized I miss about Israel.

  1. Decent Public Transportation.  It’s so nice to be in a place where I don’t have to have the stress of driving a car. Yes, a car is more often convenient, but its uptake, insurance is such a hassle, that all things aside, I’d much rather have to jump on the bus, light rail, or train.
  2. Israeli and Arabic Food.

Image result for falafel hummus israelYum.  While there is excellent Arabic and Middle Eastern food where I live, in Tampa, Florida, it is always a hassle to get it. You can’t just go to the shuk and get an AMAZING falafel. The white cheese in Israel is to die for. Shakshuka, hummus, cheese bourekas, fruits and vegetables. I can go on and on.  Let’s not forget cheap 5-6 shekel coffee and ice coffees! Yum

3. Speaking Hebrew.  After two years of not really speaking Hebrew, it is a pleasure to start speaking Hebrew automatically again, as well as thinking in Hebrew. It’s so nice to speak with others in our beautiful Hebrew language.

4. The connection to the Land. The Jewish connection to the Land of Israel is so strong. Something we all know, and I’m not going to talk more about it, but it is nice to know that this is where our people are from and originated. Here is our history. I love the land, archaeology, and just the amazement it brings. The land is also visually beautiful.

Image result for land of israel

5. The connection to the People.  I feel very connected to all Jewish and Israeli people. I love that in Israel our holidays are celebrated by the mainstream. Here Jewish and Israeli culture is alive on an everyday scale. It is amazing to know that there is one place in the world that a Jew can be one of the majority.

About the Author
Aviv Benedix lived in Israel from 2006 until March 2016 and was a licensed Israeli Tour Guide. He made aliyah in 2007 from Florida and has a B.A. in History from the University of Florida. While studying to become a Tour Guide he worked in the largest archaeological excavation in Israel, the Givati Parking Lot Excavation in the City of David, the history and archaeology of the Land remain one of his biggest passions. He is also fascinated by the complicated status quos of this amazing country. He left Israel in March 2016, currently lives in Florida and is still trying to (but is closer to) figure everything out.