50 shades of Jerusalem

Paul Shahin License: CC0 Public Domain

My name is Mahmoud which means worthy of reverence.

I am a human being do you need a piece of evidence?

Oh Jerusalem, I love your east I love your west I can’t choose a preference

I love all of you, divided or united, I admit I still have prejudice

I can’t really see your future but I am in love with your inheritance 

It’s shady it’s true, it’s a test of endurance.

You are my pain, but I can’t get you out of my brain. Am I insane?

Why you have to label me isn’t these labels enough

Why you have to put me in a box? The one I’m in is already tough.

My name is a bearded handsome young Arab man,

But you think I am much prettier with a handcuff. 

In Jerusalem, I am a suspect, a selective random check.

I’ve got you under my skin, but you’ve made my blood thick.

No one of us is going to win.

If not love then what? If not now then when?

My name is a green-colored ID. To you, I’m a permit which I don’t usually have.

You are just a soldier obeying the commands. So sweet so suave.

My name is denied, rejected, a go back home. 

Don’t you say Jerusalem is G-d’s home 

And the land is his footstool, or you want me to worship towards Rome!

You are fighting for the bride but you’re forgetting the groom.

G-d is everywhere G-d is no longer in a Holy room.

If G-d is not for me and you, then G-d is for whom?

You are wondering am I a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, an atheist, liberal, conservative, Religious, believer, spiritual?

How many filters do you need more? can’t you just see us equal? 

Well, I’m none of these and all of them together. I am the missing sequel

I am a Palestinian, a writer, a poet, environmentalist, a peace activist.

But call me a disciple. 

I am a roaring lion, a flying eagle, peaceful gleeful, who’s violently fighting his own evil.

 I am a master class educated, a P.H.D. love certificate holder.

Speaking 3 languages learning the fourth, speaking in tongues of humans and angels, but still stuttering in faith. Cause my love languages are mixed with fear

You’re there I’m here. We’re far but near.

We both have rituals, but only to love and faith, we need to adhere.

This poem won’t pay the bills or internet fees.

Yes, I am broke to that degree. 

Tighten the restrictions or ease.

Give subsidies to those.

Prevent them from these.


I was busted jagging 

Don’t arrest me Mr. officer please, please.

I was hot maybe that’s why he said: freeze!

We’re not on the same page even on everything I say he agrees.

Yet now I’m in the West Bank.

Someone now is increasing his fortune in a western bank.

And between me and my relatives, friends there is a wall, a politician and a tank.

I am a world traveler, but no airplanes are flying in my skies

You don’t know who I am but count on my words. The documents are my disguise.

I am knocking the door you have the keys.

In Jerusalem, you bow down you kneel on your knees

You can go to the temple but the temple is you. 

You can keep dreaming of getting Jerusalem back but you are the new Jerusalem

Jerusalem one day gives you peace, the next gives you fears

One day gives you spirituality the next gives you tears

You can be trapped in the 50 shades of Jerusalem

Or get outta your chains like the iron rust of the craft aluminum.

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