6 Films From Israel You Can Catch On Netflix

Today, Netflix is fun and a loner’s, a movie buff’s and everybody else’s best friend. But if you think, you’re from Israel and there’s nothing for you on Netflix then you are wrong.

In this blog, we will discuss the 6 most interesting movies from Israel that you can binge on at nights for a week straight… Netflix has everything for all sorts of audiences from all corners of the globe and this versatility makes it a favorite of all.

With the best VPN for Netflix for fastest speed online along with great reliability, you can now enjoy watching these intriguing Israeli films. Let us find them out below.

    1. Zero Motivation This movie has won the prestigious award at the Tribeca Film Festival for its outstanding narrative. You will get the opportunity to behold the unusual face of IDF, it isn’t about the army of Israel, and it is more than just that. This movie vividly portrays the boring daily lives of female Israeli soldiers working at the Human Resource department in a place which is absolutely in the middle of nowhere. This is a funny movie which will induce your laughter plus the genius and the intelligently structured plot will not fail to receive your admiration.
    2. Past Life – This incredible movie tells you a tale of sisters in Israel who try to reveal the unsettling secret of their father’s life since the days of World War II. This plot is set in 1977 Israel. The main motto of the movie is to showcase the effects of the holocaust, the lives of the survivors, their actions and all the trauma that it inflicted in the lives of Jewish families and their culture. The best thing about this movie is the fact that this one is inspired by a real-life incident. It will show you how deeply buried secrets when revealed can change the lives of people.
    3. A Matter of Size – This comic film is the winner of three Ophir awards. This will show you how a bunch of obese people from a city of Israel, Ramla, try to come to terms with the fact that they are fat and can’t do anything about it… so they decide to join the world of Sumo wrestling where overweight people are not laughed at rather are loved by all. The struggles of being fat are well explained in this lovely movie. The comic plot and the extremely talented actors play their parts well to bring to you one of the finest Israeli comedy that you’ll enjoy watching this wonderful piece of art with your family on a Sunday evening, be rest assured you will be thoroughly entertained and enjoy the movie to the core.
    4. Big Bad Wolves – This horror thriller from Israel was selected officially at Tribeca Film Festival in 2013. This movie is a dark comedy and was admired by Quentin Tarantino himself. He said this movie was by far the best one in 2013. The plot revolves around a father who seeks revenge after his little girl is abducted and murdered, a police officer who has not paid heed to the limits of law and the prime suspect who is considered to be the actual murderer and who also happens to be a teacher of religious and spiritual studies.
    5. Maktub – If you are interested to watch a great Israeli blockbuster then Maktub is perfect for you. The plot simple yet pretty gripping, there are two gangsters Steve and Chuma in this movie who escape a deadly encounter with the terrorists. When they visit a restaurant in Jerusalem, a ghastly terrorist attack leaves everyone dead except for them. After this Steve and Chuma reflect on their deeds….what’ll happen next? What will they do to earn a living? Watch the movie to enjoy it to the fullest; this comedy will have you hooked for sure.
    6. Sand Storm – This film is considered to be a dramatic achievement. This one is the winner of Jury Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival. This movie has several oblique comments on the prevailing social norms that are rather misogynistic. The plot is set in a small Bedouin village of southern Israel.
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Samantha Brown is Distinguished Professor of Jewish History at the University of Singapore, She teaches creative writing & writes creative content.