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6 Slack Bots That Will Enhance Your Productivity in 2023

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Slack’s capacity to enable real-time messaging and promote collaboration among teams has greatly benefitted a multitude of organizations across different industries. One of its distinguishing features is the ability to create and utilize Slack Bots or automated programs that can perform a range of tasks and integrations to enhance productivity.

Slack Bots can streamline diverse workflows and processes. For one, it can be employed to automate the scheduling of meetings, the tracking of tasks and project progress, or the sharing of important updates and alerts. By automating these routine tasks, Slack Bots can help teams to save time and concentrate on more critical tasks. What’s more, they can also be integrated into a broad spectrum of other tools and services to facilitate quicker and easier access to important data, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

In addition to their automation and integration capabilities, Slack Bots can also optimize communication and collaboration within teams. For instance, a Slack Bot can be utilized to facilitate team discussions or to provide support for remote workers. By enabling these types of interactions, Slack Bots can help the workforce to stay connected and on track, even when working  in different locations.

With a wide range of productivity solutions to choose from, 6 Slack Bots are currently on top of many organizations’ workspace tools to streamline processes and boost productivity:


TheGist’s generative AI technology simplifies the creation and consumption of information with a single click. The company’s first tool, TheGist for Slack, helps employees filter out unnecessary noise and focus on important signals. This tool provides personalized summaries of Slack discussions on demand or on a schedule, allowing employees to quickly grasp the key points of a conversation rather than sifting through lengthy discussions. TheGist’s tools are designed to streamline collaboration, task management, and information consumption in the workplace, resulting in a more fulfilling and productive employee experience. 

TheGist was founded by senior executives from Wix, Blizzard, and OpenWeb who have firsthand experience with communication clutter and is supported by StageOne and Aleph. 


Geekbot offers a simple solution for automating standups, retrospectives, and surveys. It allows teams to reduce the number of meetings, save time on reporting, and track what each team member is working on. With Geekbot, routine updates are streamlined by turning them into automated reports. To use it, users simply need to set the time and frequency of standups, the questions to ask, and who should receive a prompt.

Implementing Geekbot takes only a few minutes, but it can save users hours every day by automating recurring tasks and posting updates to Slack channels at a convenient time. It can be configured to understand and respond to natural language in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French. 


Standuply connects teams with company Q&A and experts who provide knowledge insights, saving time by automating processes and answering recurrent questions. It automates Agile processes through team surveys in Slack, allowing for flexibility with asynchronous team meetings via text, voice, or video. 

Standuply also saves repeated answers from Slack channels and connects team members with internal subject matter experts when no answer is available. As a result of improved communication and knowledge access, teams using Standuply are able to make better decisions. 


In comparison to a typical survey or form, Polly has been shown to achieve a 7-10x faster response rate. This allows Slack users to see each response as it comes in, enabling them to act quickly on the information gathered. 

In addition, Polly integrates with tools such as Zapier, Google Sheets, and JIRA, allowing users to automate routine tasks such as daily standups and meeting feedback. Polly also offers advanced permissions management and robust data protection, making it suitable for use in enterprise settings.


The integration of Airtable and Slack allows users to seamlessly sync messaging between the two platforms through Airtable Automations. This integration feature enables users to receive notifications in Slack whenever updates are made. This ensures that the team is always aware of any changes and can stay informed about what is happening on their bases. 

By connecting Slack and Airtable, teams can maintain coordination and efficiency, leading to more productive and successful project management. The integration allows users to easily communicate and collaborate with team members across both platforms, streamlining workflows, and reducing the need for multiple tools or manual updates.

Markup Hero

Markup Hero is a tool that allows users to take screenshots and add annotations to them on the web, which can be accessed from Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome devices. It includes an API and integration toolkit that allows you to incorporate the annotation feature into the user’s web application. 

Markup Hero for Slack is designed to assist with capturing and organizing ideas, optimizing communication, and facilitating collaboration with others. It’s a free tool that aims to improve productivity and communication through the use of annotated images and PDFs.

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