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7 Christmas movies to watch with your Dim Sum

Totally awesome scenes from the most lovable season's flicks

7 Christmas movies to watch while eating Dim Sum

For those of us sitting around with a big old order of Kung Pao chicken,

Dim Sum, and Hot and Sour soup, here are some totally awesome scenes from Christmas movies that we love.

Mixed Nuts
A suicide prevention nonprofit on the verge of eviction, and a psychotic killer on the loose.

And Adam Sandler in breathtaking falsetto.

Does Christmas dinner get any better?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
We’ve all had days like these, right? (Also? There are some seriously awesome insults in this that we should all feel free to use.)

White Christmas
Missing the snow? Here ya go.

Nightmare Before Christmas
And you thought Thanksgivukkah was complicated? You ain’t seen NOTHING til you’ve seen this:

Home Alone
Where Carol of the Bells meets techno club remix! (And this is that rare part of the movie where little Kevin isn’t being an anti-social little $hit.)

Miracle on 34th Street
The real miracle here is that the people working in the post office are the heroes in this movie. Maybe next time you’re dealing with a truculent post office employee, you’ll remember this scene and go easy on them:

It’s a Wonderful Life
This is one of those movies that transcends religion as we all share in the collective prayer “OMG, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee, Uncle Billy, don’t lose the money this time!” But seriously…. when George Bailey is standing on the bridge after seeing what life would be like had he never been born? *SOB*

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