777 days a week

Welcome to my blog about gematria, the merkabah and the birth of the alephbet.  This is a short addendum to yesterdays post.

ראשון שני שלישי רביעי חמישי שישי שבת = 777

Gematria #    Hebrew     English  Transliteration 
 ראשון                  260  Sunday  Rishon
 שני                      63  Monday  Sheni
 שלישי                    56  Tuesday  Shlishi
 רביעי                  292  Wednesday  Revi’i
 חמישי                   71  Thursday  Chamishi
 שישי                    26  Friday  Shishi
 שבת                      9  Saturday  Shabbat

= 777

What are the odds that the days of the week would sum to 777?  Pretty incredible, isn’t it?  You can use my gematria calculator to check it out if you’d like;

Which is more likely… that the days of the week sum to seven hundred and seventy seven by coincidence?  Or that the seven words have been carefully pruned or developed to fit an ideal ‘perfect’ number to the glory of God?  And whom might have arranged for such a thing?  This poses a lot more questions than answers at the moment.  Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more numerical honey…

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