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8 days of hope


Support me and Shalva at the Jerusalem Marathon 2020

In Jewish tradition, the highest form of Tzedakah or charity is giving to a central campaign or community fund or Kupah. The term literally means “container” and refers to the charity box in which donations were placed and by extension, to the fund financed by those collections. My “container” is with Team Shalva in Jerusalem preparing for the Jerusalem Marathon 2020. By giving to others we demonstrate a proud statement of commitment

This great tradition fits perfectly to the time of Chanukah, as Chanukah is a time for gift giving. Lets make this Chanukah a special one and celebrate the eight aspects of Shalva’s work.

Maximizing each child’s potential
Provide therapies so that every child reaches their fullest potential.
Discovering talent 
Create opportunities for children to develop their abilities in music & art.
Support community initiatives that break stigmas and uphold dignity
Health and wellness
Make fitness and healthcare accessible to all.
Social support
Ensure that every child finds friendship and support.
Establish a foundation for adults with disabilities to live independently.
Peace of mind
Give parents the hope they so desperately need.
Pay it forward
Raise the standards of disability services worldwide through research and education initiatives.

All images © 2019 Shalva National Center

Let’s give the children of Shalva a future of hope. Chanukah sameach!

About the Author
Tom, originally from Cologne (Germany), grew up in a German-Israeli family. Currently he lives in Berlin with his wife and two girls. He is working as a Digital Transformation Manager for the German car industry.
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