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8 Months & Counting of Fashion Entrepreneurship

It's been a long, strange trip for the folks behind ModLi, but things are finally starting to come together
A woman shops for clothes in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90)
A woman shops for clothes in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90)

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Sometimes we find ourselves in this world thinking constantly of What’s Next. The world moves in one direction; forward. We change. We improve. And then, finally, when the time is right, we announce something different. We promise that it’s life changing, that you’ll use it forever. We promise that you need it way more then you want it. Because needing something justifies wanting it. The newer version verifies the change you constantly anticipate in the modern world.

8 months and 21 days earlier

24/7 isn’t just the phrase your local am:pm supermarket uses. It’s true. I promise. Because as an entrepreneur, work becomes pleasure and pleasure is your work. Yes, theoretically, since I’m a religious 24 year old women, Shabbat is my time for rest. True and false.True- because my nose isn’t glued to my computer staring at the google analytics that keep track of every visitor, referral, or ad I ever put up, to see their impact. False- because Shabbat is the only time I’m not glued to my computer, I’m not glued to information streaming through my newsfeed, Gmail and Twitter, it gives me a type of silence that isn’t really peaceful. It’s a loud silence, allowing me to digest every move I made this past week. Allowing me to think about what was and fantasise about what will be this coming week- in hopes that my company will get a little more exposure than the last.

7 months and 12 days earlier

Our beta website started off as something small. Small and personal, and while the way to success is long and hard, I knew we were on the way. As a part time student at Bar Ilan University, and part time entrepreneur, I juggled between the worlds pretty evenly, in my opinion. I dedicated just as much time to my company, while at Bar Ilan, as I did from home (allowing me to get my final average to be average). Meanwhile, the days were getting longer and longer.

6 months and 2 days earlier

Working from my home in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Trying to use every bit of inspiration hidden in the alley and walls of my tiny 30 Meter home to keep the company moving forward. “Thank You” emails and positive feedback from women customers of ours around the globe were my inspiration.

5 months and 7 hours earlier

I came to the realisation that the company is catering to a small part of the market, when truthfully our market is much bigger than what we anticipated. Those who weren’t part of the small target market starting stepping into a territory that didn’t really belong to them, and our target market wasn’t really cooperating so well with us. With some help from people who’ve been there and done that, we started to shift towards something bigger and better.

4 months and 3 days earlier

The company name was chosen. The logo. All based on the data from our beta (leelach.com).I started working on this endless journey of turning something good into great. I started looking at it differently.ModLi.co is the first, and only, modest fashion marketplace allowing designers from around the world to feature their modest designs- but most importantly, it allows women to buy a new type of fashion. A style that was ignored by mainstream fashion is now easily accessible.


Our launch date for ModLi is set to be at the end of November. I am only 24, the world is still a big place, but together with my husband and the 3 other women here at ModLi, we feel nothing is too big and too fast for us.

To be continued…

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