8 Reasons Why I Salute Bar Refaeli

In response to his anti-Israel antics, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli took to Twitter demanding that Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters remove a photo of her from a video used during his concerts.

Well done, Bar!  Here are the reasons why I salute you for your actions!

1. First and foremost, she supported Israel.

2. She took a risk.  As a supermodel and style icon to millions, Refaeli has a lot to lose by alienating any of her fans who also support Waters.

3. Israel recently shut down the Ministry of Publicity and Diaspora, which means they have no one to do their PR! Everyone who speaks in support of Israel, has joined a very important mission.

4. Refaeli showed IDF spokesman, Pauli Mordechai, that she can speak “Hasbara” very well. Perhaps she has a future in publicity!

5. Refaeli has a huge following on Twitter of over 500,000 who saw her heartfelt message.

6. Her tweet was the subject of conversations worldwide and took this very important issue to a higher level. A loud global voice pointed back to Roger Waters.

7. Her action serves as a reminder to all Israelis that we need to stand strong and raise our voice against people like Waters.

8. Because she is damn beautiful and Israeli!

About the Author
Jacob Kimchy, the Publisher of TLVFaces.com, lost his father, Rami Kimchy Z”L in a suicide attack in Rishon L’Tzion, Israel. Kimchy is the Author of “A NEW SUNRISE” , memoir / motivational guide slated for publication in early 2015.