9/11 Flight 175 — Sabena 571 — We Will Never Forget


Another Number 26 Combination — Two Separate Hijackings

I thought it important to bring to your attention another number combination equaling 26, involving two flights, one of which the world watched live as 9/11 terrorists flew Flight 175 into the World Trade Center. The second taking place aboard Sabena Flight 571 after being hijacked in mid-flight and landing in Israel.

9/11 Flight 175

I have discovered a video about Flight 175 that features not only families of the victims, but also features air traffic controllers who were working that day and involved with the 9/11 attacks as they took place.

You may view it at the following link-

Flight 175 Confirmed America Was Under Attack And Changed Airline Security Forever

Prior to 9/11 in America, hijackers mostly worked alone or in small groups and were willing to negotiate with Authorities regarding their demands. That feeling is clearly visible by listening to the various speakers on this video. The last thing many expected was a coordinated attack by terrorists on a suicide mission, which unfortunately is what all 9/11 attacks turned out to be.

This resulted in the need for more security personnel and more sophisticated scanning equipment. I remember an increase in demand for EL AL flights due to its stringent security checks long before 9/11 took place.

Sabena Flight 571

Sabena Flight 571 was a scheduled passenger flight from Brussels to Lod via Vienna operated by the Belgian national airline, Sabena. On 8 May 1972 a Boeing 707 passenger aircraft operating that service, captained by British pilot Reginald Levy, DFC,[1] was hijacked by four members of the Black September Organization, a Palestinian terrorist group. Following their instructions, Captain Levy landed the plane at Lod Airport (later Ben Gurion International Airport).[1] The hijackers demanded that Israel release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the hostages. The standoff was ended by an Israeli commando raid in which all of the hijackers were killed or captured.

A link to an article related to this hijacking follows-

Three future Israeli Prime Ministers were part of the commando unit to rescue the passengers. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was among them, and he was wounded during the rescue operation. His brother Yoni was there to comfort him after the rescue had been complete.

A very interesting paragraph appears in this article which I want to highlight as follows-

After the Israeli premiere, Netanyahu recalled lying wounded on the runway after the shootout: “I recognised my brother Yoni.” Yoni Netanyahu was at the time a fellow commando, disappointed not to have taken part in Operation Isotope. “He ran to me, his face was very worried. He came closer. He saw me lying there with my white overalls stained with blood. In a moment [after realising his brother’s injury was minor], his face changed and he said: ‘You see, I told you that you shouldn’t have gone!’” Yoni was to die in action four years later, when he was the only Israeli commando killed during Operation Entebbe to free Israeli hostages held by PLO fighters in Uganda.

An Important Message For All Of Us

Israelis have had to go through terrorist attacks from the time Israel was born and long before. We have the IDF and Police along with all security and medical personnel to thank for protecting its citizens.

Despite the difficulties that Bibi currently faces, his family’s service along with his brother Yoni’s sacrifice at Entebbe should never be forgotten.

American soil was mostly off-limits to these terrorist attacks prior to 9/11.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

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