A belated birthday blessing from my heart to yours.

So, a couple of days ago, on December 18th, it was my birthday.  It was completely and wholly my birthday, as both my Hebrew and secular birthdays coincided this year. This is an occurrence that happens approximately every 19 years. It felt magnificent… even though I’m not entirely sure why!

It is customary in Jewish tradition for one celebrating her birthday to bless those around her. The day a person is born is the day that the Creator decided that this particular person was required here on earth for a special and unique mission that only this person could bring to fruition… and so it is believed that on this dynamic day of her birth, powerful energy emanates to and from her.  Although two days have passed since this dynamic day… I still feel a particular, maybe peculiar(!), extraordinary birthday energy linger around me and so I am sharing this birthday prayer wish written for you!

I pray that you learn to love yourself so authentically and unconditionally, that you are overflowing with healthy, sparkling love that reaches and spreads to the entirety of your being, to your loved ones and to the entire world. So bright and warm may this love be that it comforts and heals any broken parts of you and inspires anyone who meets you.

I pray that you deeply discover your magical uniqueness, your true passions and the divine purpose of your life… and that you embrace it and allow it to bring you joy and meaning in the most satisfying of ways. So safe and whole may you feel within yourself that you connect to your inner light and wisdom at all times, and allow it to guide you harmoniously.

I pray that you grow in your relationship with your Creator; knowing, feeling and trusting in His infinite wisdom, in His endless love for you, and the journey He is taking you on in this life. So strong may your confidence in the Creator be, it brings you calm and inner peace as you trust in the process of life and flow in serenity wherever it may take you.

I pray that you let go of all accumulated baggage, pain, triggers and traumas in any and all ways… and exchange these wounds and memories for a healthy mindset and new positive thought patterns that bring you many fresh, exhilarating, fulfilling experiences and worldviews. Experiences, relationships and states of reality that pleasurably touch the core your being, and unravels the beauty of yourself and your life before your very precious eyes.

I pray that you reach and revel in a place of empowerment and drive to reach all your goals, dreams and ambitions in a fashion that is enjoyable, relaxed and enlightening. May this journey to success and achievement bring out your innocent inner child, your wise woman or wise man; your playful, strong and centred nature. May you honour and hone all that you are… and do so with a big, fat, genuine smile on your face!

May we all be blessed to come together in unity, love, peace and gratitude… celebrating the gift, enchantment and miracle of life!  Even when it’s hard, even when it hurts.

With so much love and praise for my family, friends and clients who continue to inspire and teach me… and, most importantly, to the Most High; the Bestower of all things; the Infinite Loving Light; my trusted and adored Creator whom without all ceases to exist,


About the Author
Tanya Dahan is a British wife, mother, self-development & spiritual-growth extraordinaire, and Make-up Artist, living in Israel. She is a professional certified Life & Well-Being Coach and she loves to see individuals thrive! Tanya specializes in coaching women who wish to feel centred and empowered so they can reach a place of inner peace, accomplishment and personal mastery. Live and live well, is her motto.
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