A Blessing on All

I’m not a rabbi, but sometimes I get to play one. Last week, I had the chance to offer an opening blessing at the InHealth Faith, Community, Health & Wellness Conference.

As we ask for Heavenly blessing for everyone gathered here, Heavenly guidance for our work together, and a wish that Heaven’s goals are met as a result of what occurs here today, let us realize that the Hebrew word for prayer can also be translated as imagine or visualize.

So let us imagine or visualize all our deliberations and decisions in this spirit.

Let us imagine each of our neighbors have the same access and opportunities for health and healing.

Let us visualize treating the life and care of another as we would our own.

Let us imagine the conversations begun here continue past today.

Let us imagine today’s work helps each of us look beyond our own selves, our own communities, and past boundaries.

Let us imagine our mutual concern with health care helps heal what may have become fractured relationships.

And finally, let us imagine, visualize, that though the road is a long one, we will travel it, together.

About the Author
Howie Beigelman is Executive Director of Ohio Jewish Communities, the statewide public affairs arm of Ohio's eight Jewish Federations. He works at the intersection of nonprofit advocacy, strategic storytelling, and Jewish communal affairs.