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A brazen, unprincipled man

The move to release terrorists is the act of a brazen, dictatorial leader and a blow to the judiciary

Over the last three years, we have struggled tirelessly and relentlessly to convey to prime minister Netanyahu our vehement opposition to the release of murderers – but to no avail.

Our words have fallen on deaf, callous ears. He has found the time to meet athletes and rock stars. But he has not paid us the slightest heed.

The pain that Netanyahu has inflicted on our family and on other victim families by freeing our children’s cold-blooded, convicted killers is but one of the repercussions of his actions and hubris.

By returning unrepentant terrorists to their homes, Mr. Netanyahu has also endangered every Israeli and weakened the very foundations of our society.

This unprincipled man – a crass politician down to his every last cell – has usurped the role of judge and court. “The majority of the prisoners [about to walk free] have been sitting in prison for more than 20 years.” he explained to his constituents today.

Do we need to remind Mr. Netanyahu that far wiser and more thoughtful people than he sentenced those prisoners to much longer than 20 years, sometimes life?

His castration of our judiciary for political gain is nothing short of diabolical.

While tyranny and civil strife rage uncontrolled throughout the Middle East, Israel is often presented as the sole, stable democracy in the region.

But now, with a prime minister who brazenly tramples our judiciary, can we still defend that claim?.How different are Netanyahu’s intentions from those of a dictator?

Will we allow this man to dupe and silence us yet again?

Today, on the 20th of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar, our precious child‘s yahrzeit, we urge every Israeli to warn our brazen prime minister that he will suffer serious political consequences if he proceeds with this prisoner release.

Before the cabinet vote on Sunday. Before it is too late.

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A Jerusalem-based freelance writer, law graduate and commentator on the challenges facing people with special needs, Frimet Roth together with her husband Arnold co-founded The Malki Foundation ( in 2001. It provides concrete support for Israeli families of all faiths who care at home for a special-needs child. The Roths' daughter Malki was murdered at the age of 15 in the terrorist bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria. Her personal blog, under the title "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly", is at The views expressed here are personal.
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