A Brit in Israel

Since this situation began, I’ve been posting blog posts for people back in the UK to get my perspective as a British Oleh. With rockets continually being fired into Israel by Hamas, finally on Thursday after this constant barrage the Israel Defence Force (IDF) went into Gaza with the intention of taking out Hamas ability to fire rockets and there have been casualties on the side of the IDF as well as a growing number of Palestinian Casualties.  And the press seem to care more about one side of this conflict than the other.

As mentioned sadly the IDF has suffered casualties and I’m sure there are people who are saying who cares they’re monsters anyway and that saddens me, because regardless of belief, religion, colour, everyone involved in this conflict is a human being, someone’s Father, Mother, Son or Daughter and from reading comments about it, it feels like people have forgotten that and put labels upon each side and that is wrong, I don’t hate the Palestinians for what is going on, I feel if it were not for Hamas there would be peace.  Some people are just blinded by hatred for Israel for no real reason and only see that Israel is the aggressor, the bad guy.  I’ve seen people suggesting boycotting Israeli goods and it’s actually makes me laugh when there is so much Israel has contributed in terms of modern technology.  I want to ask people if they will give up their electronic devices because it was created in Israel and they are boycotting Israeli goods, I think the answer would be no to that.

For me I can’t understand the hatred towards Israel for what it is doing, as a small nation it has a right to defend itself, if Scotland started lobbing rockets over into England, wouldn’t the people want the army to defend themselves or would they sit there and take it meekly?  I am not a fan of war or violence but as I said to someone, perhaps peace can only be achieved by war and that is something I don’t want to truly believe.  I wish everyone could come to the table and talk, but we’ve seen 3 ceasefires all violated by Hamas and that should tell you it all, they don’t want to talk and what is left when talking isn’t possible.

Since this all began, I’ve been asked why don’t I go back to England as I have the passport, I could get the hell out of Dodge if I wanted too and the truth is I don’t want too.  Yes it’s a serious situation, scary in some ways as I said in my previous post, this time feels different than 2012 and one friend has said I should come home and I appreciate the concern.  However as I said to him, I’m writing this here now, I am home; if I wanted to be in England I would never have made aliyah in 2011.  I knew that coming here the situation was always tense, a powder keg that could blow at anytime, I just didn’t want to live on regrets that I changed my mind because I was afraid that something like this might happen.  Because it was always going to happen eventually and there are Israelis and people who have been here long enough that are living their lives and trying to keep the day to day routine going and how can I do any less.  We learn from doing and from example and I’m proud to be here in this country, yes a little worried and troubled by the situation, but I’m not going to let it run my life, I will not live in fear and I will continue to build and enjoy my life as much as possible

About the Author
I'm Adam from England. Been writing a blog about my experiences here in Israel since I made aliyah in October 2011 as a way for my friends in the UK to see what I'm getting up to.