A Bunch of Happy Zionist Turks!

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I have been on Twitter for almost a year. My account, “Israil’e dair” ( is solely on Israel. I am sharing my own course notes on Israeli history, articles taken from newspapers and the information that is shared by many other people I follow who respect and understand Israel (mostly people from Israel or the USA).

I have been thinking of finishing this social media journey because I am truly disappointed with the current situation in universities in Turkey and it is almost impossible for me to find a job here as a libertarian leftist person with a true Western perspective so I am considering focusing on my career in arts. I need a social-media detox, at least for a while. But still I know Israel will be a part of my career.

This year has been tough for me. I tried to spread the truth about Israel here in Turkey and some people threatened me

“I will break your fingers”– very creative right?

“You will see that this land belongs to Turks”— I never said it belongs to Israelis: )

“I will f*ck you and Netanyahu”—Words from an impotent man, he can only write about it. And Netanyahu? Try to say that to his face.

Many more. I don’t care about these people because for me a man who does not examine his life and himself, is not a human at all. These imbeciles do not have the ability to use their brains and like a parrot, they repeat what they hear from their ideologues. They mean nothing for me. Null.

I would like to talk about the people who support me. Without a doubt, a few Jews who made Aliyah to Israel encouraged me through this social media journey. But, to my surprise, out of 1055 followers, most people are from Turkey! I mean the “real Turks”! Like the French term “Français de souche”, with real Turks I mean Turks that are ethnically Turk and come from Muslim families. (This is not my personal definition, I am trying to explain the Turkish understanding of this expression) Islamists try to impose these people that zionists are our enemies. I share frequently posts about what zionism is. Many followers have now understood that zionism is not imperialism at all. It is just the Jewish demand for a land for Jews and inspite of the lies and propaganda spread by the Islamists, it does not exclude non-Jews. I shared Herzl’s opinions on the new Israeli state. They realized that zionism is a typical nation-state ideology. These people support Mustapha Kemal and what zionists asked for (namely, a new modern state for Jews) was not different from what Kemalists managed to build  twenty years before (namely, a new modern state for Turks). These people who follow “İsrail’e dair”, don’t consider zionists as enemies as the Islamists in Turkey try to impose.

What is more, you can’t believe how many young students sent me messages about the universities in Israel. They want to learn Hebrew, study and work there. Some of them even want to live there. Some already have Israeli boyfriend and girlfriends. These people are not even Jews! While I am about to take a social media vacation and concentrate on my ceramic knick knacks and illustrations, a bunch of happy zionists are on the way, get ready Israel : )

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I was born in Istanbul. I like drawing, writing, singing and collecting Lego. I am interested in existentialism, Judaism, yoga, literature and theatre. I am living with my parents, my elder sister and my cats.
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