A Call to Action: Echoing the Voices of Our Zionist Leaders

In the spirit of Golda Meir’s unwavering resolve and the visionary leadership of our Zionist forebears, we face today’s surge in antisemitism with a clear directive: action must be taken, and history must not repeat itself. Across the globe, not just on college campuses, the tide of antisemitism and anti-Zionism poses a threat not only to Jewish students but to the very fabric of our societies.

Our history is replete with leaders who faced immense challenges with courage and foresight. From Theodor Herzl’s visionary determination for a Jewish homeland to Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s advocacy for Jewish defense, our past is not merely a record of survival but a guide for proactive resistance against oppression. As antisemitism finds a foothold in educational institutions worldwide, we are reminded of Meir’s tenacity and her belief in the power of Jewish unity and strength. It is with this historical consciousness that we must approach this present crisis.

This moment demands more than reflection—it calls for substantial, decisive action. As the leader of Jewish Future Promise, inspired by the profound resilience and enduring hope of leaders like David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir, I am committed to transforming the phrase “never again” from a passive remembrance into an active, living commitment. Our response to modern threats must be as fierce and coordinated as the efforts of our ancestors who built and defended our homeland.

Antisemitism is not just a localized issue—it reflects broader societal currents that can only be stemmed through vigorous, collective action. This is not merely a resurgence of ancient hatred but a contemporary battle in the ongoing struggle for Jewish dignity and safety. The lessons taught by our leaders must inform our approach—lessons of unity, strength, and proactive defense.

Our response must evolve to meet today’s challenges. We must deepen connections within Jewish communities and across all cultural and academic communities to foster understanding and allyship. Our actions must expand the impact of our advocacy, ensuring that the values of justice, peace, and education are realized not only in colleges but in every corner of society.

Recent events, from hostile attacks to institutional complacency in the face of discrimination, underscore the urgent need for solidarity and decisive leadership. These challenges echo the crises faced by our ancestors, who responded with a commitment to secure a safe and prosperous future for all Jewish people. Today, we must draw from their example to ensure that our campuses and world remain places of safety, respect, and intellectual freedom.

I call upon every university administration, faculty, student, and alum to unite in this cause. We must implement transparent, robust measures that confront and dismantle antisemitism at its core. These measures must transcend symbolic gestures and result in tangible, lasting changes.

The spirit of Golda Meir, who famously said, “We must not become a nation of victims,” implores us to be proactive. Let us embody the resilience and proactive spirit of our great Zionist leaders. Let our collective actions inspire a future where each tradition is respected, every individual is valued, and diversity is genuinely celebrated.

Now is the time for unwavering action and unity. With resolve and dedication, let us ensure that the legacy of our heritage not only endures but emerges more vital, vibrant, and inclusive than ever before. Together, let us build a future that our forebears envisioned—a future secure in its foundations and limitless in its possibilities.

About the Author
Before coming to Jewish Future Promise, Hadara had a career in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. She was an entrepreneur, building Jan Micolle into a successful women’s clothing manufacturing company. After Jan Micolle, she was vice president of distribution and a co-producer at Imagination Productions, an independent not- for- profit documentary film company focused on the Jewish world.
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