A Call to My Fellow Anglo Citizens of Israel

There comes a time when the demands of imminent dangers exceed the anger/distaste/wishfulness that lead us to deny support for elected leaders.

That time has come. Mired as we are in investigations of Bibi Netanyahu’s misdeeds and flagrant taste for the rich and their gifts, we must support him. Nothing he is accused of doing diminishes the alliances he has been rapidly building with small and large nations nor does it serve to weaken his expressed devotion to protecting his homeland and the effectiveness he has demonstrated during 11 years in office

The chaos, brutality, bloodshed, threats to annihilate Israel demonstrated by Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey with Russia’s involvement require that our Prime Minister not be shackled. Demands to remove him from office fail to recognize the tempting opportunity a transition at this time would offer our declared enemies.

Many of us voted against Trump in the US elections and continue to fear the unpredictability of a man whose character we detest. Bibi’s cultivation of his relationship with Trump and his administration has been important to Israel. The support Israel receives from the US is stronger now than it has been for many years and its significance more critical to meeting the threats that face us.

Calling for Bibi to remain in office is consistent with continuing the work many of us do to build here a more compassionate and flourishing society for all the people of Israel. As we become who we want to be, strength, courage and functioning leadership are critical to survival in the face of the madness on our borders.

— Suzanne F. Singer

About the Author
Suzanne Singer was for years an editor and writer for Moment magazine and Biblical Archaeology Review in Washington D.C. Since aliyah with her husband Max in 1998 her focus has moved to how young people build their Jewish Lives. She has helped guide the Alex Singer Project, spreading the life, writings and art of Alex Singer, killed in the IDF in battle with terrorists in Lebanon on Sept 15, 1987, Alex's 25th birthday.