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A chance of peace between Morocco and Israel ?

The Israeli MP Majali Wahabi is welcome in Morocco. As before him Tzipi Livni and Ehud Olmert, this Knesset member who is also vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), has, according to his statements, “hesitated” before he decided to participate at the International Symposium on “Energy Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Region”, held this year in Morocco. More precisely in Ouarzazate on 14-16 September.

Wahabi has “hesitated”, he says, because of the anti-Israel and Islamists demonstrations held in Morocco recently. But, he adds, he stopped “hesitating” when he received a text message from the representative of the Moroccan royal family who told him verbatim: “The Royal Family invites you personally to the conference as planned.”

After this SMS, the Israeli MP decided to inform the Moroccan parliament about his participation. According to the Israeli-Arab site Panet, Wahabi held official talks with members of the Moroccan parliament as well as ministers of the “new Moroccan government.” Difficult to say, however, if he met bearded people…

What should we see in this personal invitation from the King of Morocco to one of the best Israeli mediators with the Muslim world? Maybe one day these two great nations of the Mediterranean Basin will sign a peace agreement. Two nations, two people who, in their overwhelming majority, would like to celebrate together.

Morocco is the only civilized nation in the Maghreb world and informal relations, instead of official ones, would offer huge benefits to this country. On the geopolitical field, Morocco would undoubtedly become the only real political power in the region. It would also allow Morocco to play a role even more important than Europe in the peace process.

Today, Morocco receives many Israeli aids. As a former member of the branch of International Cooperation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MASHAV, I can attest to the presence of many Moroccans, male and female, on the Israeli soil. They come to learn for free, in a spirit of brotherhood, the revolutionary Israeli techniques like the drip-drop irrigation for agriculture or the Woman Empowering!

But yes, Morocco risks to face problems with other Muslim countries if he signed a peace treaty with Jerusalem. So what? Are Muslim countries helping and supporting Morocco in its crisis in Western Sahara against Algeria? Are the inhabitants of Muslim countries encouraging tourism in Morocco? Are Muslim countries assisting the country to develop its economy and exports?

Mohamed VI is, as his father was, a good King. But tomorrow, he will be a Great King when he’ll be inscribed in the History books for his contribution to peace in the Middle East, a move that will undoubtedly be followed by other nations such as Kuwait and, why not, by the United Arab Emirates.

About the Author
Jonathan-Simon Sellem is a French-Israeli spin-doctor. He specializes in Influence Strategies and cyber technologies. He is passionate about history without being a historian and has published several books in French and English on the history of Zionism and its leaders.