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A ‘cli-fi’ listicle for 2017

First of all, here’s wishing all my readers here ”a sweet year” (“zis yor”). Best wishes to everyone reading this blog post for a ”gut, gezunt yor,” that is to say “A good and healthy year” in the Yiddish language of my grandparents from eastern Europe who made their home in America.

Now to the blog post at hand: A listicle of cli-fi novels past and present (and future).

When a reporter for a major newspaper in North America contacted me the other day, asking for a listicle of current cli-fi novels (and earlier ones as well), I looked in my files and came up with this tentative listicle. As comments come in, I will add more titles and authors to the list.

I was not able to consult all my files, but here is my first stab at this listicle, which will soon appear in a prestigious newspaper in America. Feel free, of course, to add to the list, as this is in no way a final or official list. But just to whet your appetite, post-Harvey and post-Irma, here’s what I found in my files.

The History of Bees, by Maja Lunde

Barbara Kingsolver, “Flight Behavior”

“South Pole Station” by Ashley Shelby

“0dds Against Tomorrow” by Nathaniel Rich

“New York 2140” by Kim Stanley Robinson

Paolo Bacigalupi, “The Water Knife”

Claire Vaye Watkins “Gold Fame Citrus”

“Ice” by Laline Paul

Meg Little Reilly, “We are Unprepared”

“The Lamentations of Zeno” by Ilja Trojanow

”Clade”, by James Bradley

”Anchor Point,” by Alice  Robinson

”Solar,” by Ian McEwan

“MaddAddam Trilogy, by Margaret Atwood

“Memory of Water” by Emmi Itaranta

And more:

Bacigalupi (Paolo), The Water Knife, éditions Au diable vauvert, 2016.
Ballard (J.G.), Le Monde englouti, éditions Denoël, 2007.
Sécheresse, éditions Denoël, 2007.
Salut l’Amérique, éditions Denoël, 1981.
Barnes (John), La Mère des tempêtes, éditions Robert Laffont, 1998.
Boyle (T.C), Un ami de la terre, Grasset, 2001.
Buckell (Tobias), Arctic Rising (en anglais), St. Martins Press, 2012.
Itaranta (Emmi), Memory of Water (traduit du finnois en anglais), HarperCollins, 2015.
Kingsolver (Barbara), Dans la lumière, éditions Payot & Rivages, 2013.
Laughter (Jim), Polar City Red, Deadly Niche Press, 2012.
Ligny (Jean-Marc), Aqua™, éditions de l’Atalante, 2006.
Exodes, éditions de l’Atalante, 2012.
Semences, éditions de l’Atalante, 2015.
Little Reilly (Meg), We Are Unprepared(en anglais), Mira Books, 2016.
MacDonald (Hamish), Finitude (en anglais), Hamish MacDonald (Ed), 2008.
Quero (Yann), Le Procès de l’Homme Blanc, éditions Arkuiris, 2005.
L’Avenir ne sera plus ce qu’il était, éditions Arkuiris, 2010.
Le Réchauffement climatique et après… (anthologie collective), éditions Arkuiris, 2014.
Robinson (Kim Stanley), Les Quarante Signes de la pluie, Les Presses de la Cité, 2006.
Cinquante degrés au-dessous de zéro, Les Presses de la Cité, 2007.
Soixante jours et après, Les Presses de la Cité, 2008.
New York 2140 (en anglais), Orbit, 2017.
Rubin (Edward), The Heatstroke Line (en anglais), Sunbury Press Inc., 2015.
Silverberg (Robert), Ciel brûlant de minuit, édition Robert Laffont, 1995.
Spinrad (Norman), Bleu comme une orange, Flammarion, 2004.
Sterling (Bruce), Gros temps, éditions Denoël, 1997.
Schätzing (Frank), The Swarm: A Novel of the Deep (traduit de l’allemand en anglais),
Hodder Paperbacks, 2007.
Trojanow (Ilija), The Lamentations of Zeno (traduit de l’allemand en anglais), Verso, 2016.
Trudel (Jean-Louis), Les Marées à venir, Vermillon, coll. Parole vivante, n°81, 2009.
Tuomainen (Antti), La Dernière pluie, Pocket, 2015.
Vandermeer (Jeff), Annihilation, éditions Au diable vauvert, 2016.

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