Jeffrey Levine
Jeffrey Levine
Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

A day of second chances

We all need a second chance. An opportunity to start afresh. Put all our troubles behind us.

Life is not that simple – there are so many challenges, health, making a living, finding a partner, building a family. There are so many obstacles and agendas.

Some people seem to have it all, while for others life is a series of struggles, hurdles and challenges. Just ask any parent with a child or children with Mental Health issues. Not an easy situation. One philosophy is that these challenges come to alert and correct our personality and soul.

As Reb Shlomo Carlebach says – you never know. You never know what Peklach, troubles each of us are carrying.

And Covid19 has added its own Peklach. What have we learned from this? What have been the benefits of Covid19? It is not all bad. My doctor told me there was not one recorded instance of flu in Israel this last winter. This is quite something,

Do we really want to go back to the self-centered, work-centric way it was before Covid?

Pesach Sheni starts in the 5th week of the Omer corresponding to the week of Hod. Hod has a few meanings, glory, thankfulness. We need to be thankful for the challenges and opportunities for growth. There is also the element of admitting our mistakes. Our struggles make us more humble, more vulnerable. Let’s be thankful for these growth opportunities when things don’t go our way.

Paraphrasing Reb Shlomo

How much light do have when it is dark? Everybody believes in God (and Life) when you at the Holy Wall (and Everything is Good). How much do believe in God when things are bad and there is so much evil in the world. How do we react when faced with challenges?  That is the acid Test.

We also have the struggle of the Chevra from the Moshav who continue to struggle to rebuild their lives and the Moshav destroyed by a fire on Lag B Omer two years. While there has been a lot of fanfare, there has been some progress. A lot of the Chevra have moved back having been provided temporary housing on the Moshav, and the legalization of the land rights. There are still challenges of putting back the infrastructure, and the rebuilding of the houses destroyed.

The are many plans, hopes, and dreams for the restoration and rebuild. They still need our empathy and support. There are exciting plans to return the Moshav to its former glory and more, to support their Campaign.

To read more, see my blog from the 1st Anniversary.

While Pesach Sheini is relatively unknown, Lag B Omer is hugely popular. What is the universal attraction of Lag B Omer? I have been for trying to find the deeper meaning of Lag Omer.

I came across the Quote shared by R Yaakov Klein which helps answer the question of the universal appeal of  Lag B Omer.

“Hashem, in His great Mercy, sent Rashbi and all of the tzaddikim who were masters of Kabbalah and Chassidus to bring His light to all the lowly places where His children have sunk and ignite the entire world with the elevated fire in their hand to the point that when a Jewish person looks at the world, he sees not a dead world, a contaminated world, but rather the Golden Menorah of Hashem’s candles upon which dance the sparks of His torch and illuminate every dark place and dimmed eyesight”

– The Piacezner Rebbe

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Jeffrey is a Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist (we can only dream) living in Jerusalem. He is a young grandfather who has five kids and four grandchildren. Jeffrey provides Financial Services for regulated Financial Companies - CFO, Key Individual, Approved Person through and is a promoter of ideas and trends where Innovation meets ESG. He is looking to spread the message of Ahavat Yisrael and Jewish Unity through the music and stories through and blogging.
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