A Deadly Virus Inhabiting Our World

There’s a deadly virus inhabiting our world right now.

But this is not a virus that is recent, for it is one that has been around for thousands of years and no face masks or social distancing will prevent it either. It grows and it festers and it simmers and eventually it explodes. In fact, it’s exploding right now in every corner of the world and in its wake lies plenty of tears and plenty of heartbreak and plenty of fear.

There are those who try to fight it – and we should be encouraged by that, but it is an uphill battle against a dark force that refuses to be deterred or deflected or deflated – and arguments of logic and education and common sense fall by the wayside when it comes to this virus – for it is a fight against evil itself.

If I’m being polite I would call this virus antisemitism, but to be honest, that is a sanitized version of what it really is and perhaps the time has come to do away with such terms and such niceties and call it by its true name: Jew hatred.

Now the problem with Jew hatred is that unlike the whole movement against racism in general – Jews don’t get the kind of wide spread support you’d expect in any society that wants to see itself as a leader in the fight against injustice. In fact – it’s the opposite.

We have seen so many people and so many organisations get castigated and cast out and shunned for racist activities going back decades at times. Some are completely justified and some are completely ridiculous, because to judge movies made 50 years ago with the same standards as today doesn’t teach you about history and how society has changed – it wipes out history itself – as if every moment leading up to today no longer exists.

They call it cancelling – and right now there are movements all around the world that want to cancel the Jewish people through cancelling history itself.

But this is not a new phenomenon – in fact it’s almost as old as the entire Jewish people themselves.

The Amalikes waged war against us continually from biblical times hoping to wipe us out.

The Greeks tried to do it by forcing us to give up our beliefs which led to The Maccabean Revolt and the famous story of Hanukkah.

The Romans also tried it around 70 – 136 CE when they massacred our people, renamed Judea to Syria-Palaestina which was purposely and maliciously done using the names of two of our traditional enemies – the Syrians and the Philistines. And yes – that’s where the name ‘palestine’ comes from – certainly not from any ancient people called the ‘palestinians.’ And, like the Greeks, they also tried to ethnically cleanse the land by forcibly expelling us from our land.

The Russians led many pogroms to wipe out our small harmless communities – because to them we were foreigners that didn’t belong in mother Russia.

In Europe, the church led movements to force us to convert under pain of death. They just couldn’t reconcile the fact that Jews still existed – when we weren’t supposed to anymore according to their doctrine.

And the Nazis didn’t even care what we believed – they just wanted to destroy us completely, and with help from many ordinary people – they almost did.

In more modern times, the international institutions of the United Nations and the European Union among others are trying it once again, passing resolutions that say our history didn’t exist and that we have no rights to the land that has been ours for thousands of years. They don’t call these things pogroms by the way – they call it international law.

The terrorist organisations of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and their various offshoots continue this by not only denying all archaeological evidence, but actually destroying the evidence discovered – such as what they do when they do illegal excavations on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And this, by the way, continues right now.

Then we have what some say are social justice organisations – ones like the BDS whose dream is the destruction of the Jewish state, as well as the Black Lives Movement organisation whose charter is drenched in Jew hatred. They accuse the Jews of genocide and colonialism while ignoring the true colonialists of the area which are the Arabs.

And even in the power corridors of the most powerful democracy in the world – the United States – Jew hatred runs rampant with elected officials like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar – recently endorsed by Nancy Pelosi – continue their poisonous tirades.

Now there are those who do speak up against Jew hatred – figures like Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and others – and they should rightly be respected for their moral fortitude. But unfortunately they are few – and many people who promote Jew hatred are widely praised – people like Louis Farrakhan and the far too many celebrities who look up to him as some kind of hero.

And one of the main problems in the fight against Jew hatred is that even among those who fight it – they often do it from a political viewpoint rather than a moral one. They say blacks and Jews must stand together in the fight against ‘white supremacy’ while ignoring the fact that Jew hatred doesn’t care what colour you are.

Because Louis Farrakhan and Nick Cannon and Ice Cube and the leadership of Black Lives Matter and the Womens March and the BDS and the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran and a thousand others can hardly be described as ‘white supremacists.’

The reality is that Jew hatred comes from all colours and all sectors of society. It comes from black people and white people and brown people – and those who try to narrow it down to ‘white supremacy’ only are not supporting a Jewish cause, but rather supporting their own one instead.

Jews around the world are more alert now than ever – because we have to be. We do have friends who support us – many. But we also need to understand that the history of Jew hatred is not one born of a certain colour or a particular political view – but of a deep seeded hatred that has not faded over time, but strengthened.

And you cannot fight a hatred like that by being docile and siding with those who want to destroy us in the vain attempt they’ll change their views. Instead you fight it with loud voices and a strength of purpose and a knowledge and a confidence that no matter how many attacks and attempts are made to wipe us out, there are some things in life that cannot and will never be cancelled.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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