A diverse we

I listened.
“Words are noises pregnant with meaning,” Dr. B declared.
Creating relationships. Creating understanding. Creating respect.
Creating relationships. Creating understanding. Creating respect.
I realized.

I call myself an advocate. I stand up for what I believe; I stand up for others. I share my opinion; I voice my opinion.

And yet.

More often than not I forget the importance of a simple word: we. But not just any we—a diverse we. I forget the power of what happens when individuals, who come from all walks of life, both extend and clasp their hands, coming together and uniting for a single purpose. With this diversity we see a group—a movement—increase its idea creativity, leadership capacity, and mission effectiveness. Communication becomes more than just verbal. A foundation of trust blossoms upward, building the foundation of a new human-to-human connection. A relationship, where human resource and human capital are multiplied together and create an exponential effect. This very relationship ultimately connects diversity and advocacy.

Studying at a university of more than 40,000 students, where “home” becomes a global and ethnic term, I realize the power and potential of my relationships. My peers are future engineers, entrepreneurs, educators. They are future policy-makers, business leaders, artists. Their backgrounds are just as diverse. Our sustainable relationships are based on a mutual trust and understanding.

When they understand, they get it. I listen to them; they listen to me.

We work together. We make an impact.

About the Author
Hannah Schlacter is a student at the University of Illinois College of Business Honors Program. Passion, ambition, and drive embody her character and impact. Considered a leader in advocacy, she is deeply committed to Zionism, environmentalism, and entrepreneurship. Hannah seeks a career path that will allow her to impact these diverse passions.