Carol Green Ungar

A Fan Letter to Caroline Kennedy

Dear Caroline,

I’ve always been a fan of yours. Maybe it because we share first names—though mine lacks the elegant last syllable, ages—, you are  two years my senior which is pretty close, and a home town—Manhattan. Because of this, I’ve always followed  your career and personal life closely.

Lately you’ve  been in the headlines, yet again because President Obama has appointed her the US ambassador to Japan. Congratulations. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

I’m glad you’re making the strech, trying something new at a  point in life  when others are looking at  the finish line. That shows that  you’ve got spunk!. But what I’m happiest about is that you are proud to be fifty six and you show it.

In our youth crazed world it isn’t often that we  see an indisputably   handsome woman whose glowing appearance honors the passage of time. You are that woman, Caroline.

Lets be real. You aren’t a youngster. but you keep fit, slim, , as if you start your days off at the gym or with a trainer which is a great example for the rest of us, the  ageing boomers.  . Alright,your hair is dyed but that is just normal. About 95 per cent of the female population use hair dye. Only a select handful  can pull off the  look of those Eileen Fisher models with their thick flowing white manes.

What is really cool about you  Caroline is your face. It is  full of lines —along your chin, around your eyes and mouth, and on your forehead. For some reason your  lines tend to be angular mostly moving in a vertical directions without much criss crossing. Maybe that’s a facet of your straight talking, straight thinking personality .

For this alone, I’ve got to say Atta girl Caroline. Even in my circles— –none of my friends are ambassadors, Botox has made considerable headway. It’s a secret. Most botox users  would sooner share the details of their psychotherapy  than admit to taking the treatment, but it’s happening all around. Didn’t you ever wonder about those inexplicably smooth skinned women with  college age grandchildren?  Is that due to amazing genes or a chemical   which is not coincidentally fashioned  fron the same stuff that causes botulism.

Botox doesn’t come cheap. The most basic series of injections can run as high to $1000  and the shots  must be topped up every few months or the wrinkles will come back  Wouldn’t that money be put to better use socked into retirement savings or given to the poor.

Botox has side effects mostly colds and  flu and other respiratory problems but who in their right mind would want to give themselves a cold?

Caroline, you can’t imagine how thrilled I am that you have  said no this ridiculous attempt to foist the Barbie dolls forever twenty-one look onto all women. It’s wonderful to see that you wearing  the markings of a difficult but also rich life

As you are married to a member of the tribe you probably know that  that in  Jewish thinking old people are considered the wise ones and youngsters  the fools. The Hebrew word “na’ar” which means youth also means fool, hence the Yiddish word na’arishkeit, or Tomfoolery.  The Vilna Gaon teaches that the face of old age  tells us  that life is short and must be lived  well.I tip my sheitel to you,  Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg for carrying this message to the rest of us.  . END

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.