A few common Torah Mnemonics.

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Welcome back to my blog about Gematria, the Merkabah and the Birth of the Alephbet. Today I’m going to list some common mnemonics that you should look out for when you’re practicing the art of gematria with the Torah (especially Braishith).

בית : bet

Meaning: ‘house’

Representing the letter Beth and the value of 2.

בְּאַפָּ֖יו : baphiv

Meaning: ‘in his nostrils’

Also representing the letter Beth and holding the value of 2.

אשה : issah

Meaning: ‘woman’

Representing: the value of 111. Usually the letter qoph has the value of 100 but its value on the Seven Palaces may be 111 instead.

: דלתות dal’towt

Meaning: ‘the doors’

Representing: The letter daleth and the value of 4.

יד : yad noun

Meaning: ‘the hand’

Representing: the letter Kaph and the value of 20.

כנפות : kanpowt

Meaning: ‘corners’

Representing: the value of 90, from the degrees in a square’s corner. Sometimes in reference to the corners of the earth represents the value of 4 x 90 = 360 which is the degrees of a circle.

נחש: nachash

Meaning: ‘serpent’

Representing: the letter Nun and the value of 50.

עיני : e’ne

Meaning: ‘the eyes’

Representing: the letter Ayin and the value of 70.

פיה : pi’ha

Meaning: ‘the mouth’

Representing: the letter Peh and the value of 80.

צְרוֹר : tsrwr

Meaning: sack

Representing the letter tsade and the value of 90.

רוח : ruah

Meaning: spirit

Representing the letter beth and the value of 2.

רקיע : raqio

Meaning: ‘expanse’

Representing: the letter Gimel and the value of 3.

In other news; the writing script that I developed from the plan of the seven palaces (Galay), is being employed to produce Galay books on demand. Please use the reply button below if you’d like a Galay book. The proviso is that it must be a book that you have copyright to or is in the public domain.

Our latest publication for the Galay library is ‘Dubliners‘ by James Joyce, which is a collection of short stories, written when Irish Nationalism was at it’s height. We felt this work was a revolutionary subject for a revolutionary writing script. The next book to be released shortly will be Richard F. Burton’s edition of The Thousand Nights and One Night.

If you celebrate, happy Thanks giving. Thanks for reading my blog. Stay tuned for more numerical honey. 🙂


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Essayist, artist and designer, Bethsheba is also the author of 6 books on Qabalah and the Occult, and one screenplay. She is the Grand Master of the Fraternity of the Sanctum Regnum, and inventor of the world’s first dual logographic and alphabetical writing script (Galay). She is also the creator of the popular Gematria Calculator: Shematria. Critics have called her one of the most original and insightful writers in the field of the Western Mystery Traditions.
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