Elaine Rosenberg Miller

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Plea Deal

It was supposed to be a slam dunk.

Hunter Biden was partying it up pre-deal.

He flew to Camp David, Joe Biden’s beachfront Delaware home, Ireland. Resplendent in his black tuxedo and new white teeth, he worked the room at the White House State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Modi. He stood on White House Truman Balcony and watched Fourth of July fireworks (as he agitatedly rubbed his face). Then he went to Malibu and joined his lawyer/bong smoker (yeah yeah, the substance hasn’t been identified but what kind of lawyer stands on his balcony with a huge bong while his decades-long addicted client is in the house?). And then there is the cocaine that was discovered in the White House. Within days the Secret Service announced that they couldn’t determine whose cocaine it was and closed the case.

As the plea deal approached, Republicans shouted “special treatment” and if the polls are accurate, more and more Americans believe the same thing.

So what happened in the Wilmington, Delaware federal courthouse?

To the surprise of many, the United States District Judge Maryellen Noreiga hesitated and questioned the deal’s vague scope and constitutionality.

Perhaps she was influenced by the drama of the prior day when a lawyer working for the defense was accused of having represented that she worked for the House Ways and Means Committee which had filed the IRS whistle blowers testimony and requested that it be withdrawn.

Rule No. 2. “Don’t infuriate the judge. (Rule No. 1 is “Don’t cheat”)

When informed that the plea deal did not include other potential criminal violations, his lawyer said “The deal is off!’

Rule No. 3.. Don’t walk away from a reasonable offer especially one that is the best you can get under the circumstances.

Heads are being scratched. Why did the Department of Justice suddenly decide to play hardball? One reasonable interpretation has something in common with the story of the Titanic.

As that great philosopher, Margo Channing said “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

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