A general should impart good news, but conceal the truth (Sophocles)

I searched everywhere in The Times of Israel. I looked in the Main News, Foreign News and Breaking News but there was not a word about the attack. I understand that the ToI is Israel-based and Israel-oriented, and so I looked at the Jerusalem Post with possibly a wider world view. but, again, nothing. I had expected the rocket attack on the very center of Manchester to appear somewhere but there was not even the briefest report. Admittedly, only Britons were injured, nothing to get excited about; there’s no shortage of Britons.

There was no mention of the second missile that made its way as far as Southend but landed in the sea. This was an impressive achievement for Haggis, the Free Scotland terrorist organization but was not important enough for any Israeli news outlet.

We in Israel are fortunate to live in a country that has its priorities right. Today’s headlines, and most of the front pages, dealt with the major scandal over the TV cooking program (they used tinned salmon in a honey garlic salmon recipe). The Manchester missile attack didn’t stand a chance against such an important topic.

By now you must be wondering what I am talking about. As Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn has pointed out, Jews in general and British Jews in particular, do not understand irony, so I will give you a helping hand. For Manchester read Beer Sheva, and for the Times of Israel read the Telegraph, and all will become clear.

Early Wednesday morning, Israel suffered a game-changing attack on one of our largest cities. This can not be passed off as just a “lone-wolf” terror attack, this was an act of war. By luck, or possibly divine intervention, nobody died but this does not detract from the seriousness of the act. We have yet to see the consequences of this attack, but they may be severe for both the inhabitants of Gaza and possibly the whole region.

And yet the British newspapers remain strangely silent. There is never any such reticence when speaking of Palestinian claims of dead and injured ‘peaceful’ demonstrators trying to break into Israel with hand-grenades and petrol bombs. Unsubstantiated claims of the death of a 12-year old innocent by-stander (they are always 12 years old) are reported as fact. The Telegraph, from the safety of its London headquarters, is always ready to blame Israel for a dead Palestinian with no more than a vague report from ‘a Palestinian source’. Its daily feature “Pictures of the Day” is overloaded with photographs of poor suffering Palestinians, many showing obvious signs of being carefully staged. There are, of course, no photos of our burnt fields and nature reserves. You will not see Israeli children, 12 years old or not, huddling in air-raid shelters.

Perhaps the British media are following Sophocles’ dictum and printing only good news while hiding the truth. They wouldn’t want their readers to know what is really happening in today’s world; they might start to question the currently accepted Palestinian version of the truth.

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